A high school senior in Indiana was shot during a law enforcement vocational training session when one of the deputies conducting the training session “accidentally” fired his service weapon, rather than a “dummy gun,” reports say.

On Thursday morning, Deputy Tim DisPennett, a 19-year veteran of the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Office, was conducting a vocational law enforcement class at South Vermillion County High School in Clinton, Indiana, about 15 miles north of Terre Haute. During a demonstration, DisPennett reportedly fired his service revolver, and the bullet from his gun grazed a male student.

A cop so ignorant that he didn’t know the difference between an inert blue plastic gun and his service weapon?

If it wasn’t a dummy weapon then it must have been some sort of training weapon. There are a few types out there. The main component of all of them is that they are easily identified as a training weapon.

The training weapons systems that allow you to use your own weapon replace the slide and barrel, again to make sure that you don’t have an Alec, like this deputy did.

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  1. Someone is still carrying a “service revolver”? And just happened to also be using a revolver “dummy gun”? Or does this reporter/editor team have no idea?

  2. I told my wife that we need to find a new route to her parent’s in Terre Haute, because our current one takes us the entire length of that county.

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