By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Reader requests help with a gun part”
  1. I put a bounty for one or for machine drawings up at the local curmudgeons gathering place but isn’t the spring guide rod the extractor on those or am I missrembering?

    This is a very cool piece of firearms history.

    1. The extractor is opposite the spring guide. The guide is what kicks the empty out the breach. Extractor is kinda wierd shaped. I can send Mr J a photo of it and maybe he can post it. If i could get dimensions i will make a bunch. It is a cool piece but right now its a paper weight…. Gggrrr

  2. {Eeyor} Oh, great. Another one added to the list. {/Eeyor} Interesting … but I will view this something as a cautionary tale, as I tend to have a habit of buying oddball guns.

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