Every day we read article regarding “Gun safety”. Normally this is propaganda for “ban guns”. It is the same way that it is “gun violence” and not “violence”. The words are twisted in order to hide the true meaning.

Questions that you can ask any of these “gun safety” groups that will expose them almost immediately are “How many gun locks have you given away?” “What educational programs do you have to teach children gun safety?”, “How many classes have you run to teach gun safety?”, and so on. What you will quickly find is that the only thing they have is a petition for you to sign demanding that somebody in government make things safer by banning guns.

Over the last year or so a small trickle of articles have been showing up. These articles are about groups that are running gun safety courses. They are giving training. They are teaching people how to be safer when they handle or are exposed to a gun.

If nothing else, they are teaching the four rules of gun safety.

  1. Treat the gun as if it is loaded.
  2. Never point a gun at something that you are not willing to destroy or kill
  3. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it
  4. Keep your booger hook off the bang stick until you are ready to shoot. (Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot)

Yes, we have to apply reason to these rules. Nonetheless these are the four rules.

I firmly believe that every gun owner should get some level of firearms training. I’ve been handling firearms consistently for many years. I never had that “gun safety course” until I took advantage of a reader’s offer to provide official NRA training for my wife and myself.

We had a great time and I did learn a bit. She learned even more. That was the day she fired her AR-15 for the first time and after examining the results has decided that is her goto weapon for a self-defense situation. We still need to do more manual of arms training but today she knows how to and is capable of charging the weapon. She knows how to manipulate the safety. And she knows how to put rounds on target exactly where she wants them, up to about 50 yards.

So when I see an article talking about “gun safety” groups attempting to “reduce gun violence” I have already prejudged the situation. Another bunch of lying gun grabbers misusing language to hide their attempts to infringe.

This group is out to make a buck. They sell training courses. But here is an article on the local TV news telling people where to go to learn a little bit about guns and gun safety. Real gun safety.

And if they are interested, they can sign up for an actual class.

The owner even talks about how this is not training for blacks but instead is for everybody.

Thank you to Black Agenda Alliance, Inc for running this seminar and I hope it leads to more people getting training and a few bucks in your pockets.

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By awa

One thought on “Real Gun Safety Group”
  1. One thing I noticed when my state passed Constitutional carry- people quickly got the attitude “now I dont have to take ANY gun courses”.. there are a few “instructors “ that are all flash and very little brains, and a few good ones. Next year I am going to try and hold a few classes on basic gun safety.. we will see

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