By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Real life written by Aldous Huxley”
  1. Stupid people are being taught that “you cant handle modern life” so they push drugs on them. Drugged people are easily controlled…. Stupid drugged people even easier..

    1. SSRIs are not that type of drug.


      When did conservatives buy into Scientology propaganda? Why?

    2. The government pushes drugs, and tries to outlaw guns because:
      Drugs are a way for the government to control the population
      Guns are a way for the population to control the government.

  2. I always wonder how bad it would be in an extended emergency/grid down scenario where these people can’t get their happy pills. They need the pills just to get through normal life with all of our modern comforts, imagine dealing with them under stress and no meds? Frightening.

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