Was this supposed to scare me because it’s exactly what I’ve wanted since the 2020 Summer of Love.

Just think how much money states could raise on tag fees for Antifa.

Dudes be out there every night getting their bag limit on Black Bloc.

Throw in mass looters too and the crime rate will drop to zero.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Really? Because that would solve a lot of problems.”
  1. Once there were 50-to-100 million buffalo, they were the most numerous large mammals to ever exist on the face of the earth. Traveling in huge herds, they dominated much of North America from the Missouri River to the Rocky Mountains, from Mexico to Saskatchewan.

    In 1871, an American soldier named George Anderson send a letter to his sweetheart describing a herd he saw in Kansas.
    “I am safe in calling this a single herd,” he wrote, “but it is impossible to approximate the millions that composed it. It took me six days on horseback to ride through it.”
    Hard for us to imagine now, buffalo were once in such abundance they could literally drink a river dry.

    Then the hunters came.

    Think of it- there were once large herds of Progressive Protesters. They were once present in such abundance that they could literally drain the treasury of a nation. They used to protest in huge herds, dominating the large cities. Now they are all but extinct, residing in zoos so that humans can look at them and wonder what it was like to watch them burn cities to the ground.

    1. The real hunters weren’t actually the end of buffalo, the government deliberately killed them off to deprive the Indians of their main source of food, clothing and all the other uses the buffalo were used for. Worked.

  2. If by ‘progressive protesters’ they really mean the fiery-but-mostly-peaceful kind, then I’m all for it. Stupid should hurt.

  3. So, if I understood the links in the Legal Insurrection op-ed correctly, the Leftist tl;dr position is:

    “ZOMG!!1eleventy1! The Ebbilz Raycisses won’t let us burn, looted, and Murder! REEEE!!!1eleventy1!”…

    Cry me a river as you face actual consequences, you crypto-Communist piece-of-shit bitches…

    Seriously, though… I find it disturbing that there are people who truly do not realize that, the instant the first brick is thrown, the instant the first match is struck? You forfeit any claim that you’re conducting a “peaceful protest”…Worse, that they seem to genuinely believe that anyone who attempts to thwart their attempts at assault, vandalism, arson, robbery, and murder is a “white supremacist.” That logic of defining “Right” as “Anything I do to you” and “Wrong” as “Anything you try to do to thwart me”? That’s the logic of what used to be called a sociopath.

    If that’s really what is going on in their heads, there’s no way to reason with sociopaths. The only thing you can do is kill them.

    And, if that’s really what is going on in their heads,, then God help us all, for no sane person can live with the number of bodies that will be stacked up afterwards…

    1. As long as it isnt OUR bodies stacked up…… besides Mr J will need “test subjects” for his woodchipper mods…. Ya know the mark III Mod 3000 powered by Pratt n Whitney turbofans…we could sell the output to hippies as “organic” fertilizer.

    2. Then I must be insane, because I don’t think I’ll have a problem sending fascists/communists/libtards to be meat for Satan. If the Evil isn’t destroyed, it will kill, happily, all of the sane in this country.

  4. “So…anyone know what the bag limit will be?”

    I suspect that will depend on the GVW of whatever the locals use as trash wagons.

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