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Really? Is that what we call dangerous bums now?


“I was able to dump a whole can of pepper spray in the guy’s face,” Pensa said.

They also had a stun gun Pensa tried to use to subdue the man.

“Turned on the stun gun, and when the guy tried to dip me and pick me up and throw me on the ground, I jabbed it in his kidney. Let him have it,” explained Pensa. “He didn’t stop. He tried to come and bite me in the leg.”

At one point, the fight spilled outside in front of the store. Pensa broke free – making his way back inside, he thought, to safety.

But he said the man came back in after him.

“He wrapped a belt around his hand with about two feet off the end of it, about two, three feet, and we were standing at the register,” said Pensa. “He just cold-cocked me in the head as hard as he could.”

The incident left Pensa with head injuries.

“I ended up at the ER, two CT scans,” he said. “Thought I had a fracture to my jaw, but they ended up telling me it was just really deep swelling.”

Sacramento man says unhoused person attacked him during scuffle (

The victim comments that the “situation” is getting out of hand. You have to wonder how much is the crimin…er… “unhoused persons” and how much is the Criminal Social Justice System.

The “Unhoused” asshole does have a history of violence. An article from 2013.


SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – An alleged thief surprised police by returning to the scene of the crime after forgetting something he apparently was not willing to live without.

Eloghosa Adolor had made a clean getaway. The 21-year-old is accused of walking into a Kohl’s in Natomas Sunday afternoon and walking out with stuff he didn’t pay for.

When he was stopped by security, Sacramento police say he allegedly assaulted a loss prevention officer.

That’s when Adolor made a run for it. By the time police got here, he was long gone. But after realizing he had dropped his cellphone during the alleged felonious frenzy, Adolor made a move for his smart phone that, well, wasn’t so smart.

Police were amazed and thankful. Adolor had not only lost his phone, but now his freedom — busted for felony robbery and battery.

Natomas Robbery Suspect Arrested After Returning To Crime Scene To Get His Phone – CBS Sacramento (

I guess the rebranding of his condition did nothing to improve his behavior after all.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

6 thoughts on “Rebranding criminals for pity and consideration.”
  1. As I said before Im reading the “out of the ashes” series written in the 80s and the references to the “judicial system, lawyers and crime” is very relevant today. “Laws” being passed decriminalize crimes, ect. One has to wonder if it’s deliberately being done to wreck America. If and when We the People wake up it looks to me that it will come down to citizens to enforce law and order. If gun control freaks want to hold manufacturers liable for action of criminals why cant we hold judges and DAs responsible when they let criminals continue??

  2. ““I’m gonna get my concealed carry. Take matters into my own hands,” said Pensa.”

    Yeah, good luck on that. Plus anything that now happens, a prosecutor will use that line to punish him and not the violent criminals.

  3. A rose by any other name …
    Funny thing about language. You can use different words all you want, people eventually figure out what you mean anyway. Does anyone reading this, for example, not hear a mental translation to “illegal alien” (or similar) when you hear the phrase “undocumented immigrant?”
    (This is bad enough, but where it gets really bad imo is when they eliminate entire important categories. The current push for “migrant” is an example of that … it removes any differentiation between legal and illegal. Of course, I suspect my brain will start doing automatic translation on that too, soon. Along with “unhoused person,” to the point of the article.)

    1. As the current euphemism gains negative connotations, they have to invent a new one. Eventually the new one gets the negative connotation, and they repeat. Over and over.

  4. Perhaps he was simply unable to control his anger. Perhaps he suffered from Excessive Anger Syndrome [in] Youth — E.A.S.Y.. 8>)

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