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You guys know I built my “Oh Sh**!” kits around the tourniquets of Recon Medical because they are the good stuff without having to pay up the ass. I got an email from them and they have their kits at a very good price and free shipping to boot.

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Recon Medical® Bleed Kit™ -Includes Recon Medical® GEN 4 Black Tourniquet Kevlar, Titanium Trauma Shears, Trauma Bandage, Compressed Gauze, Emergency Blanket, Chest Seal, and Red Canvas Bag, First Aid Tactical SWAT Medic Pre-Hospital Life Saving Hemorrhage Control

If you still go around without fast access to a kit like this, you have no more excuses. And if you are looking for a gift to give to somebody in our same mindset, this does not get any better. It is cheaper than most boxes of ammo and as equally or more life-saver.

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