I had several readers who sent me this story (much appreciated, guys):

Just last week, a man in Florida had his firearms confiscated simply because he had the same name as a criminal. That’s right. A man was stripped of his Second Amendment right…because the police failed to differentiate a law-abiding citizen with a thug.

Florida Man Lost His 2A Rights, Thanks To Red Flag Laws And Mistaken Identity

As privacy goes, I take pleasure on the fact that my name is very common in South Florida because hiding a needle in a bin full of needles is the perfect camouflage. The last time there was a fill sized White Pages available, I counted over 220 people with my same name in the county.

Of course, there is  disadvantage: A certain number of those with my same name, may be attracted to the wrong side of the law.  Meet one of them:

This particular Gonzalez is the worst of the batch of 42 felons who share my name. But is not the ranking that makes him special, but that he almost cost me a denial when I ws getting a gun from a shop. Apparently FDLE searched my name, a glitch occurred and the gent pop up in their screens. I was saved because even FDLE figured out that if the gentleman was incarcerated, he’d have a difficult time trying to buy a gun. While they ran the background check again, the FFL jokingly asked me if I had been convicted of First Degree murder and you can imagine my surprised face.  The new BG check came back all aces and I was able to get my firearm.

The rest of the characters have felonies of all kinds, violent and otherwise. From Second Degree Murder, all kinds of drug-related offenses to the simpleton absconder who violated parole on a misdemeanor. And here is the kicker: Only three of them are serving time, the rest are out because they finished serving their time, on parole or absconded. That means Law Enforcement has 39 chances to screw me up serving a Red Flag order. And then, it is up to me to fix their mistake by hiring a lawyer and fighting to remove me from their shit list and recovering my guns. Will I recover  the monies I will be forced to spend? Doubtfully.

We had a great system going in Florida before our :Legislature and Governor fell for the WE MUST DO SOMETHING! FOR THE CHILDREN! panic attack. At least you had the chance to face your accusers and have a judge render a decision before having your rights stripped.

PS: I realized I have no way to add to the count  the namesakes with a misdemeanor Domestic Violence.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

2 thoughts on “Red Flag. because it was bound to happen.”
  1. The same problem — worse if anything — appears with the No Fly list. Worse because there is no process for correcting errors on it, and the process by which you get on that list is classified.
    Of course all these issues are features, not bugs, in the minds of the victim disarmers.

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