Sometimes I can’t figure out the algorithm that Google and YouTube use to recommend videos to me.

I went to YouTube and one of my first recommended videos was this one from Refinery 29 on transgender healthcare.

“What does a broken toe have to do with genitals?” this trans person asks.  I’ll get back to that.

“We swap hormone regimens like…”  So are they telling other people how to dose themselves with drugs or are they actually swapping prescriptions?  Either way is horrifying and possibly illegal.

“It’s not up to you to decide whats medically appropriate.”  Actually, I’m pretty sure that it is for the guy with the MD after his him to decide that.

That video jumped by auto play into this one.

Halfway through that video, Sophia Stanford says that at six years old she was ready to “step in front of a car” over trans issues.   A suicidal six year old is egregiously aberrant psychology.  Something is very wrong with that person.

That video auto played into this one.

A male with pathologically low testosterone is clearly suffering from some sort of illness that prohibits the body from making the necessary level of hormones.  Contrast that to a female who is making the appropriate  hormones but wants to have the hormone balance of a male.  I’m not an MD, but it seems to me that these are very different situations.

By now I have had enough.  The overall thesis is that the medical community treats transgender people horribly.  So horribly that they deny themselves medical care and have to take medicine into their own hands.

One point made was that most doctors don’t know hoe to treat trans issues.  Forgive me but the most liberal data still says that only 0.6% of the population is Trans.  I think that includes a lot of trans-trenders who want to stand out on campus or Tumblr, but lets sat that’s accurate.  The expectation is that any random doctor will understand all the issues of dealing with a condition that affects less than 1% of the population?  That’s unreasonable.

But when we get right down to it, what these people seem to want is for their doctors to put their religious beliefs over real medicine.  By religious beliefs I’m talking about a form of ardent Left wind gender ideology that rivals Jihadi Islam in its fervor and devotion.

We know this because to an MD, genitals are important to a broken toe.

We know, as in it is a fact, males and females have different physiologies, and those differences affect men and women in different ways.

The symptoms of heart attacks in men and women are different.  So much so that heart attacks in women are often called silent heart attacks.  Various cancers, autoimmune diseases, kidney disease, even mental illness have different prevalence  in men and women.

How a trans person presents to a doctor is part of the diagnostic process.  Is the pain appendicitis or ectopic pregnancy is going to depend on if the person has a womb.

There are a wide range of drugs that behave differently in men and women.  These include painkillers and anti-depressants.  Drug metabolic rates also change with the sexes.

If that person’s broken to required pain killers or even surgery, that person’s genitals are going to be factored into what drugs and what that dosage he or she might get.

These people may think that they can change their gender but that won’t change their physiology or biochemistry.

It seems what they ultimately want is for doctors to buy into their identity 100% through the force of law.  I don’t think they fully understand the unintended consequence of this.  But at this point, why should be protect the radicals on the Left from their own ideology.

Sometime in the future, after these people have gotten what they want, I can only imagine this conversation happening.

Trans-woman: “So what is your diagnosis.”

Doctor: “Well, everything points to a very aggressive form of prostate cancer which has a high likelihood of metastasizing and killing you, but since you identify as a woman, it can’t be that at all.  It must be a UTI.  Here’s an antibiotic.  I hope you feel better.”

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Religion vs Science”
  1. I sincerely hope that this whole “trans” thing is just a passing fad, and in 20 years or so we look back on this era with the same degree of horror and disgust as we do now when we review the atrocities committed in the past such as Eugenics in the early 20th century or even the traveling charlatans that performed frontal lobotomies with a showmanship flair.

    The tale by Hans Christian Andersen titled “The Emperors New Clothes” and the significance of the implied lessons from the fictional tale should be required of all High School seniors as a prerequisite for graduation. Too many young people these days are falling victim to cultural con men who promise them change that cannot be and change that results far too often in buyers remorse.

    1. Gender disphoria is a very real condition and people who have it do face some difficulties finding psychologists and physicians who understand how to properly diagnose and manage the condition.

      As J. Kb notes, this is mostly because less than 1% of the population has the condition, but I suspect that the “trans-trenders” who have jumped onto the idea that dressing funny or dying your hair a weird color constitutes a gender have made things even more difficult.

      My husband wrestled with his gender disphoria for decades and finally made the decision to transition in his late thirties. It was far easier for him as an adult with an advanced professional degree, a background in mental health, and living in a large city to navigate the system and find proper medical care. For a teenager or twenty-something in a small town? Yeah, that’s going to be much harder… and a doctor is far more likely to diagnose them as “spends too much time on Tumblr” than as genuinely gender disphoric.

  2. “Sometimes I can’t figure out the algorithm that Google and YouTube use to recommend videos to me.”

    Ain’t that hard to figure out. I have observed that both put on top whatever it is in their progtard agenda that they want to force-feed the sheeple.

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