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I received the following on FB from a friend. I haven’t verified it, but I don’t feel the need to. I’ve experienced the things mentioned in it, myself, personally, many times over the past umpteen years. If this one happens to be an amalgamation of other real things, it doesn’t matter, because it describes something that does, indeed, happen. All. The. Fucking. Time.

So much controversy is floating around regarding this photo of a store display in Michaels Stores by those of abrahamic faith and quite honestly, it’s disgusting.

It doesn’t matter what faith, spiritual walk, or religious affiliation you claim/choose (if any) because that’s the beauty of life, Religious Freedom. ❤️

But, when you constantly trash people of different religions/ faiths, and even going as far as to say that ethnic/cultural practices are DEMONIC, by making erroneous assumptions/comments only to toss in every bible verse known to man to strive and justify and condemn those for what THEY believe in…

That folks is evil and at bare minimum, a hypocritical sight.

Some call their religions witchcraft, Satanism, Spiritualism, Buddisim, Native/Ancestral Practices, Catholic, Earth Magic, Islam, Lightwork, Norse and Scandinavian practices, etc with a great number believing in polytheism.

*Please note that Paganism is an umbrella term that covers anything NOT of Abrahamic Religion*

With this being said; there are in fact over 4,000 religions across the globe, with a large amount predating Christianity by 1,000’s….yes, THOUSANDS of years

The issue is this:

Knowing and acknowledging that yes, different religions exist and yes, one may indeed practice witchcraft, however, by saying “Your beliefs are wrong because a book tells me so” makes YOU the evil one, not those seeking connection in whatever form they choose.

Fun fact, many non-christians do not believe in evil as a whole, nor do they believe in heaven/hell, or that the stories in the bible are anything but that, stories.

But if…

You believe in the bible, that’s ok!

You live by what the bible says, that’s ok!

You want to share your beliefs, that’s ok too!

Just please stop degrading, judging, and throwing stones at those who don’t believe the same things.

That folks, is not ok!

It baffles me how ONE store display can cause such an uproar and it literally happens every single year during Autumn time.

365 days a year, you can find Christian merchandise and memorabilia in 9/10 stores.

Some stores not only brand but pride themselves on being for and in favor of Christian patronage.

-Christianbook Store
-Hobby Lobby
…..and 1,000’s of others.

Stores display occult merchandise 1 month a year and it’s

-Oh, the agenda…
-Oh the demonic push for our children…
-Oh, Jesus save us…

What I have found in my 40+ years on this planet is that, the vast majority of evil actually comes from those who claim they walk WITH Jesus but, are only fillled with “love and acceptance” on Sundays 🤷‍♀️

Other religions DO exist people and as such have a right to see their own religious affiliated items.

You don’t have to embrace anything other than your own faith, non one is pushing you to “convert”… just simply choose to keep your judgmental mouths shut and turn the other cheek as you are told to do when you see someone living/shopping different than you 😉

P.S. Michael’s is on point this year
(from “Tara” on FaceBook)

So yes, it does happen. Every year at Halloween (or Samhain for many of us), someone gets their panties in a wad over some costume or another. I’ll talk about the Left’s bullshit another time (can you say “cultural appropriation” kiddies? yeah, knew you could). This is about the Right, because frankly, I don’t know any Leftist uber Christians. They’re all to the Right.

There it is, that religious intolerance. I get really tired of it. Throughout my adult life, I have had so called christians (I refuse to give them the stupid capital letters, because they do not represent what Jesus said in any way, in my very strong and loud opinion) throw rocks through my living room window, with Bible verses tied onto them. I have had someone burn a cross on my front lawn. I have been (and I fucking kid you not, folks) exorcised at a local restaurant, with the whole speaking in tongues and clutching of handbags. I have been yelled at, spat on, told I’m going to hell, had people threaten to “call the police on me” (for what? praying in a park? wtf.). This is just me. I have never lived in a REALLY Christian area of the world. I have friends (face to face friends, not dubious FaceBook acquaintances) who have had their lives threatened over being a religion that wasn’t Christian. I have friends who have lost their kids because someone accused them of being “demonic practitioners who sacrificed children.”

You want to know reasons the Left gets up in arms every time the Right says something? It’s because the Left (and some of us not quite so Left) have been hurt like this… sometimes physically… by people claiming to be “saving” us. Yeah, it doesn’t match every time, but this is one of those ones that gets my goat.

I have to put up with people being not only allowed but ENCOURAGED to proselytize to my kids everywhere but in the actual classroom (and honestly, they do it there too, per my kids)… but any mention of my religion in public and suddenly I’m being threatened with subverting and perverting children. My kids aren’t allowed to wear their religious jewelry to school, because the school says it “promotes hatred and violence” but Christians can wear images of two pieces of wood that a guy was LITERALLY NAILED TO and that’s not promoting violence?

Yeah, I’m pissy today. You want tolerance? Learn to dish it out, first. I hear about how the Right has to keep bending the knee, offering up things, always being the ones to compromise. While that’s true for some things, it is sure as hell not true when it comes to this. When y’all talk about “freedom of religion” you don’t mean me. I’ve been told to my face, the Framers never meant it to include “the godless.” That statement meant that Christians of all colors, “and some Jews” could worship freely, but it was not about pagans or heathens or Buddhists, no.


the angry and irritated.

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By hagar

17 thoughts on “Religious “freedom””
  1. I’m a Jew, not very observant. I have friends who are devout Jews and others who are devout Christians of many sorts. I’ve known Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, but have never seen this level of intolerance and plain meanness.
    Nevertheless, if I witnessed persecution of this sort, I’d stand by you and yours, or anyone else being targeted. Just so you know.

    1. I have a feeling that most of the people on GFZ would stand by me in the face of this kind of thing. And I will be honest, I’m not getting rocks and burning crosses these days… that was back in the early 90s. But I get so damn tired of being told it didn’t happen. My insurance claim on the window, and my very angry landlords over the burned lawn are proof enough for me. And for the record, I did call the police about it, filled out reports, and of course no one was ever caught.
      I guess the problem comes along when people say it doesn’t happen *often*, or hey show some proof (when I’ve just said I personally witnessed it and/or experienced it). It feels like a way of fluffing it off, saying it’s just not serious enough. Which is essentially what the police said, btw. Meh.
      Here’s one for you. A few years ago, a Jewish friend had swastikas painted on her garage and some other nasty stuff. While I was 99% sure it was “just kids”, I didn’t say that to her. I told her that hubby and I would show up with the “red neck mobile” with a couple of lawn chairs and some rifles, and watch her house if she needed us to. Why? Because whether it was kids or not, it didn’t matter. Her safety was that important. No one did that for me, and I don’t see a lot of people outside of my own community doing it for our community. If that makes sense.
      I’ve stood watch at churches to help out. For the most part, I’m not seeing any “God fearing Christians” offering to stand watch over MY house, godless pagan that I am.
      Hopefully all that makes some sense.

  2. I could write for the next week on religious persecution that has come from all directions within the world of “Faith”, (which includes atheists). My advice is to remain guarded, while breaking contact, putting as much distance as possible from intolerance. I don’t throw my pearls before swine. I don’t waste other people’s time. Christians, so called, attack one another more than they do anyone else. I don’t have time now, but later I’ll share a strategy in dealing with overzealous people of faith, who just won’t take a polite “No” for an answer and sometimes become extreme overbearing and downright rude.

    1. These days, it really doesn’t bother me that much. I live in a multi-faith household. I live in a multi-faith neighborhood. While the prevailing religion is Christianity, it doesn’t appear to be the nasty kind. I’ve never had anyone here be rude to me because of my religion. What I described originally happened when I was much younger, and it frightened me. I’m sure it was meant to.
      I don’t spend time with people who are assholes. I don’t delete them… but I don’t engage them. I am not the Asshole Whisperer. If someone tries to keep talking after I’ve said no, I close the door on them, walk away, or put my hand out to make sure they are not invading my personal space.

  3. Do not fall into a trap of painting with too broad of a brush.
    People are A-holes. They become bigger A-holes when it gets emotional or spiritual with them. Their conviction in their own righteousness leads them to believe it is OK to demonize others. .
    We have all been victim to it. And, there is a good possibility we have victimized others without even realizing it. However, the harassment you have dealt with is a bit harsh, and certainly undeserved. Bricks through windows???
    The point is to realize a store display is not some kind of affront to anyone’s spirituality. The strongly Christian should just walk past it and realize it is Halloween decorations, not some kind of indoctrination of the young. And the liberals need to calm the F down and not assume the Christians are trying to suppress their beliefs.
    Here is the reality.
    No one cares about your emotions, no one cares that you are offended. Maybe your spouse/SI, kids, or close friends, but the world in general has more important things to do.
    If you think Christians complaining about Halloween decorations is some kind of insult, get a life.
    And, if you are offended by Halloween decorations, damn… you need an orgasm. Badly.

  4. The USA, and indeed the world, is in its present state of decay, precisely because of tolerance. when the coming times are concluded, and IF, I am still on this earth at that time, someone saying the word tolerant to me is in serious danger.

  5. Curbys law (as applicable for 2023)- people SUK.
    Some, because they have been emboldened, believe it’s perfectly ok to go batshiite crazy on others that are different.
    “Religious “ (SOME, not all) people can be the worst. You don’t belong to THIER sect therefore you are evil, looked down upon, trashed, not good enough. like liberals who treat me with disdain I just walk awayfrom religious fruitcakes.. Religious Freedom is just that and many can’t handle it. Those who throw stones often forget to open the window in thier glass house first.. I just cackle maddeningly, point my finger at them and say “thinner”….

  6. I think this is another one of those problems that will age out mostly as the older generations die off, much like homophobia etc. Nothing will ever go away completely, but I think it will diminish, it has, and will be replaced with the new thing to hate people about.

    People are not logically consistent and cannot stand the embarrassment and/or cognitive dissonance of the shoe being upon the other foot. That is why you get religious people who scream about freedom and in the next breath scream to restrict something that displeases them for whatever reason. They don’t see that well my one god says this so its bad is the same thing as the other guy saying well my different one god says the opposite so you are bad. Pretty much the purpose of your posting here; mee the center. No one looks at it from the perspective of well my god is the one and only and he says his god is the one and only and there can be only one and they are different and he has the same type of evidence as me then who is right????? That is the obvious basis of cultural relativism and non aggression principles. Chaps my ass incessantly the hypocrisy of this we see constantly.

  7. Someone throws a rock through your window, or burns a cross on your yard, you shoot them. The people trying to “exorcise” you — they should just be laughed at, and any place that tolerates that BS should be off your list to visit.
    But… I grew up Catholic in a small rural town — a town with more churches than bars, and more bars than stoplights. A town that wasn’t in the south, but you could literally hear Kentucky when the weather was right, and most of the families I knew came from or had relatives in Kentucky. Never had anyone say anything about my being Catholic — and had friends and classmates from every church in town and a few not in town. I know the town wasn’t particularly enlightened or liberal.
    On the other hand, when I went to college in Illinois, my girlfriend’s friend was horrified that I was Catholic. And my girlfriend’s mother was horrified by my role-playing game hobby. They came from a much larger town, and were relatively well-educated. The town was more conservative than the Illinois average, but never struck me as more conservative than my hometown.
    I don’t think it’s a right/left or religious/non-religious thing. I think there are just a-holes in the world who will latch on any excuse acceptable to their community to be an a-hole.

    1. Rob, at the time those things happened, I lived in Canada. No guns. And both instances happened in the dead of night, so by the time I was upright, there was no one around to shoot anyhow. The police were less than useless, too. The exorcism was more embarrassing than anything else. The restaurant got police in and the person was escorted off the property, and I got my dessert for free. But when you’re 19 years old and someone starts doing that, it’s intimidating.
      And yes, it’s an asshole thing… I guess my point is, when “my people” make asses of themselves (the “norse pagans” who are choosing to be self-professing white supremacists, for instance), I hold them accountable. I point and say, “That is NOT what this is about.” I make it plain that what they’re doing has nothing to do with me, my religion, my beliefs, my sexuality, my whatever. And I watch for anything that I can call the cops on, because if someone is doing things that are illegal and wrong (noting that some things are illegal but not wrong, and some things are wrong but not illegal), then they should be arrested. Meh.

  8. I was going to write about one of several religious conflicts but there were so many I decided to just make a statement which should sum it all up.
    The Bible is not a book of religion, it is not a religious book, but rather it is a book of science, with one purpose, which is to assist people in the experiment with life by implementing the system of trial and error; throwing out what has been proven to not work so that only what does work remains, which is the true definition of science.
    I denounce all religions from a-z and some more than others. But I do know the Bible from every possible hermeneutical discipline known to mankind and thus trust it over all religions. This qualifies me for an honorary degree in Experiencing Religious Hatred. Can I get an AMEN? 😎

  9. You got any, you know, EVIDENCE for these incredibly vicious accusations of what ‘dem ebil christians’ have done?
    Or are you going to claim that the ultra-Christian right-wingers at CNN and MSNBC are colluding to bury the stories?

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