Notice how the FBI forgot to mention how they and the media conspired to frame the real hero of that bombing, security guard Richard Jewell who saved lives by evacuating the area, for the bombing and then utterly destroyed his life on live TV.

That is the FBI: The Federal Bureau of Instigation.

So when you listen to the FBI talk about January 6th, ask yourself “who are they trying to Richard Jewell this time.”

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Remember the Atlanta Olympic Park Bombing when you hear about January 6th”
  1. “who are they trying to Richard Jewell this time.”?

    Every single person who was in DC, went to an ATM in the area, flew into the city, or anyone they can find who was near DC on 1-6.

    The new domestic terrorism isn’t the groups who burned down cities around the country all summer last year. The new domestic terrorism is you and me, working or retired, living our lives, and just wanting to be left alone.

  2. I think the Atlanta Olympic bombing was the first time I had a visceral reaction to the news coverage. I remember physically recoiling (maybe an exaggeration, but still) when the news were blaming Jewell for the bombing.

    My immediate reaction was “the news is full of it. They know nothing.”

    Curiously, nothing has changed in the last 25 years.

  3. They had the voice of the bomber on tape, but they still tried to scapegoat Richard Jewell? Was it because his name was a name that was known to the FBI and GOD D@** IT!!!!! Washington Freaking DC wants results NOW!!!!?

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