Israel avoids bombing these places.  Seriously.  They know they exist and it is a testament to the restraint of Israel that they don’t wipe them out.

Personally, I have no moral compunction against dropping a MOAB on this camp.

An AK in the hands of a child is just as lethal as in the hands of an adult and if someone with an AK wants to kill you, you go ahead and kill them right back.

If they want to send their children to terrorist training camp then their children can get bombed straight to hell just like any other terrorist.

This is why I can’t be president.

CNN: “Did you order the bombing of a children’s summer camp?”

President J.Kb.: “Fuck em’. Nits make lice.”


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Remember this video the next time the media reports on the number of Palestinian children killed by Israel”
  1. This is a people who are willing to strap a bomb to their child and send them in a suicide attack, hoping that their child’s death will result in them taking a few of the enemy with them. Any people who would value their own future by killing their own children in this manner can’t be fought with a set of rules. The only way to defeat such an ideology is to wipe them from the face of the earth.

    The Romans knew how to win wars: Kill them all until none remain, and then salt the earth so that nothing will again grow there. Once a nation forgets how to win wars without mercy, that nation is doomed to disappear into the dustbin of history. Every nation that has abandoned this philosophy has been wiped out by those less ‘civilized’ than they- barbarians, if you will.

  2. Hamas, PLO, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah are much more dangrous to their own moslem citizens than the Jews are. They kill each other in wholesale lots during their internecine battles. When Hams took over Gaza, it was a PLO bloodbath. Hamas in Gaza is known for killing the Gazan workers that built their terrorist tunnels. “Dead Men tell no tales.”

    Remember the last skirmish, terrorist attack, whatever you call the violent spasms of Hamas and Islamic Jihad?

    The brave warriors for their cause killed a whole 13 Israelis. They killed 91 Palestinians with their failed rockets to do it. They even killed 16 palestinians before the Israelis even started their counter attacks.

    The greatest danger to Moslems is not Israel or Islamaphobia. It is their fellow Moslems.

  3. Caught your “Firefly” reference there. When I see videos like this, I despair for the future of our world.

  4. Remembering my Law of Armed Conflict training. Anything carrying/using a weapon is a lawful target regardless of age.

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