That they are not right in the head? This is a screen capture from the Tennessee Comprehensive Driver License Manual, page 74.

I have seen some seriously souped-up vehicles around here but, what in God’s name makes people think their car can achieve warp speed that the State needs to issue this kind of warning? 😀

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By Miguel.GFZ

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12 thoughts on “Remember what I said about TN drivers?”
  1. I think its an old way of saying it, thats very similar to the info in our drivers test in the 80’s. They are saying at night you have reduced visibility and that it is possible to have something appear in your reduced forward visibility such that you dont have the reaction time to stop before hitting it.

  2. I remember that from driver’s ed back in the early 80’s. At 60 miles an hour, that’s a mile a minute, or 88 ft every second. On low beams, you have less than 4 seconds to react to anything appearing at the very edge of your vision. There’s lots of dead deer carcasses on the side of the road to attest to the fact that 4 seconds ain’t very much time to react, especially if you’re racing home after curfew with more than a few beers in your belly. Oh, to be a teen again and invincible. And to drive an absolute beater of a truck where any fresh deer dents aren’t even noticeable.

    1. My front bumper can currently attest to the issue of deer on the road.

      And that wasn’t even on the highway. That was in a semi-residential area, going the speed limit — but the sun wasn’t up and I came around a curve just in time to encounter ‘a doe, a deer, a female deer’.

      Grumble grumble.

    2. No, this is perfectly reasonable. Just look at 70-0 braking distances from car and driver and vehicle headlightvreviews from IIHS. You can drive so fast to exceed the distance covered by your low beam headlights for a panic stop. This also isn’t taking into account reaction time/distance, worn or low quality tires and slick road surfaces negatively impacting braking performance.

  3. Keep in mind nowadays that driver’s licenses are a form of revenue for the states. So it’s in their interest to issue as many as they can.

    Also, they have to avoid the appearance (real or imaginary) of any form of discrimination. It’s really unpleasant when some idiot insists they’re being denied a driver’s license because they’re black, even though the real reason is that they’d be out of their depth piloting a tricycle in their momma’s driveway.

  4. Mostly for those folks who install aftermarket headlights.

    A lot of fake parts put out slowtons, not photons. You need to really watch for that.

  5. ZOMG!!!!He went…PLAID!!! …. those above are right. Its ment as “dont overdrive your lights.” If you can only see 150 ft in front of vehicle drive so you can stop in 150feet…. After you finish texting of course..

  6. Rule of thumb: Goes fast, stops slow. And you would not believe how many idiots walk the streets/roads after dark wearing dark clothes thinking some tiny. . LED emitter will make them obvious to drivers.

    1. T.H.I.S.!!!

      I swear, chuckleheads dress like they’re on their final ftx of sniper school, and, why, yes, TONIGHT would be a lovely evening to go on walkabout. In the street. Where there are freaking sidewalks.


  7. My child just finished the driver’s education class. I’m the designated “home teacher” so all of the hours she needs prior to getting her actual license come with me in the passenger seat.

    As a new driver, she was having a hard time anticipating what was going to happen. Everything was rushing up on her.

    So the last time we went out, she was confident enough that I could narrate, back seat drive.

    It worked. My words were all of the “See the X (curve)” “Anticipate the curve.” “Nice and smooth through the curve”.

    What she found was that I was forcing her to move her view much further down the road. She was suppose to be looking 30seconds out, in reality she was maybe 10 seconds out and she just didn’t have time to react smoothly.

    I figured this out when we were driving at night and she was telling me that she was still 30 seconds out.

    The headlights don’t light up the road 30 seconds out. Thus she was mistaken.

    Regardless, she is much smoother after the last ride. I’ll see how she does the next time we go driving.

  8. Weirdest thing I saw driving in Tennessee was “the Nashville Wave”. I was even warned about it in advance.

    You’ll come to a situation where cars are stationary, and one driver will catch your eye, smile, and give a friendly wave…..and then proceed to drive as if traffic laws and rules had completely ceased to apply. Run a red light, drive for half a block with one set of wheels on the sidewalk, drive on the wrong side of the road, make a left turn from the right lane (or vice-versa)….I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.

    I asked my aunt in Knoxville if she had ever heard of such a thing, and she replied in the negative. It’s evidently somewhat local to the Nashville area, but prevalent there. I saw it happen every day or two during our time there.

  9. So, to be clear, you’re claiming that Tennessee is flat as a pancake, and their roads run straight as arrows, and it’s always dry and clear?

    Or might it be that driving slow enough to stop within the stopping distance of what you can actually see makes a bit more sense on curvy roads in hilly to mountainous terrain? (350′ being the average stopping distance for speeds under 65 MPH, in perfect weather on dry, level pavement, and with nothing and no one in front of you blocking your view.)

    Just clarifying.

    (I’ll leave out for the moment people being drunk, high, stupid, inattentive, or screwing around with their electronic leash/cellphones when they should be focused with laser-like intensity on the 100 yards in front of them. I suspect that the first car maker that allowed dropable caltrops as an option for everyone you passed texting on their screen would surpass annual sales of all pickups, Camrys, and Corollas, combined.)

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