Rest in Power, Pt. 2

I watched Rest in Power; Part 2 last night.

The episode opens talking about the history of Sanford, Florida, being a white town taking over a black town and being a hotbed of Klan activity.  This very well may be true, I don’t know much about Sanford, but it holds no bearing on the shooting of Trayvon Martin.  When Jackie Robinson came to Sanford, it may have made a difference.  Now Sanford is affordable housing for Disney employees.  All this was supposed to do was prejudice the viewer.

This episode covered the petition and protests leading up to the arrest of George Zimmerman.  The petition was mentioned repeatedly, including the number of people that signed it.

The petition was one of the worst parts of the whole Trayvon Martin ordeal.  Our Constitution explicitly says “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed” in Article I, Section 9, Clause 3.  A petition for the arrest of a US Citizen gets very close to a being a bill of attainder, especially in a Democracy.  It undermined one of the most important Constitutional principles that we have.

From there the episode covered the introduction of Al Sharpton into the media circus.

Allow me to send a message to Black America:

Everything Al Sharpton does is poisonous.  He instantly makes anything he gets involved in lose credibility among white people.  He was responsible for the only two Pogroms in American history, the Crown Heights Riots and the Massacre at Freddy’s Shopping Mart.  Then there was the mendacious dumpster fire of the  Tawana Brawley case against the NYPD.  That should have made him persona non grata for life in the media, but like a recurrent tumor he keeps coming back to do damage.  He’s a hustler and a con man and if you want us to talk any grievance you have seriously, keep Al Sharpton the hell away from it.

Sharpton turned the Trayvon Martin shooting into… is there something bigger than a three ring circus?  Like if you could imagine a three ring circus in which the show was a a bunch of elephants running in circles with Howdahs that are burning dumpsters, that’s an appropriate metaphor.

He took Trayvon’s mother and father on a nation wide cry fest to gin up protests and riots in Trayvon’s name.  “No justice, no peace” is the antithesis of justice.  “Convict the person or we riot” is a lynching by a third party.

Then it covered the Obama “if Trayvon had a son” comment by Obama.  Immediately the accusation was racism by white people who didn’t like Obama and that is what polarized the nation on the shooting.  Not the idea that Obama may have just prejudiced the entire nation and jury pool.

The documentary went into the political fallout of city and state officials that were forced to step down before the appointment of Angela Corey as Special Prosecutor.  Immediately, Corey was criticized as someone “not sympathetic to black people.”

The evidence of this was that she prosecuted a lot of homicides.  Really.  The show covered her prosecution of a 12 year old black boy as an adult and how bad that made her look.  The show never got into the story of Christian Fernandez, and how he confessed to beating his two-year-old brother to death by slamming his head against the corner of a book shelf because he was mad at his step dad.  Sure, Fernandez was an abused child, but that abuse turned him into a psychopath, it shouldn’t be a mediating factor.

Once Zimmerman was arrested, the show covered how the right worked to turn Trayvon into the perpetrator by revealing facts about him like his drug convictions and so forth.  They were the bad guys.  That had to be made clear.

This was because Zimmerman was “a hero to the right.”  No he wasn’t.  It wasn’t Zimmerman vs. Trayvon.  It was media spin vs. the truth.  Nothing about this case was objective from the beginning.  Trayvon’s parents and those who used them used the media to drive an agenda and when another agenda was driven back at them, they cried victim.

The show closed with how the white supremacist National Socialist Movement came to Sanford, then the show tried to tie the NSM to Conservatives.  Anybody who didn’t buy that Trayvon was a totally innocent child executed by a racist for buying Skittles and wearing a hoodie is a Klansman.

The takeaway from episode two is Paramount Network is Black Pravda.  There is no truth, but I will keep watching.


3 Replies to “Rest in Power, Pt. 2”

  1. It’s the modern version of “waving the bloody shirt”. It’s an election year, and the Democrats are trying to get out the vote. The more outrage, the more votes.
    Likewise all the stories we’re seeing about the red tide and the Lake Okeechobee mess. The problem goes back decades, but it’s portrayed like the current Republican candidates went and did it personally.

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