Some months ago I promised a review of EOTac Vickers Duty Gloves. I ordered a pair and had the misfortune to find out that my hands are mutant. They are too big for the the standard Large size and too small for the Extra Large.  So I felt I could not do a review on the gloves since whatever failure might not be the product but my “They Came From Outer Space” appendages.

Back in January when the temperatures in South Florida came very close to freezing (Yes they did),  I bought a pair of Hatch BGs170 ShureShot gloves. I was deluded into thinking that they would be enough to protect my hands from the cold but that was the case only if the temps remained above 50 which many nights did not. I finally took them to the range yesterday and used them to shoot my AKlon who loves to beat, scratch and burn my hands every chance it has. I know understand why people use gloves to shoot an EBR: First time I did not burn my hands or destroy my index finger trying to rack the bolt or scrape the silly while operating the safety. The ShureShot gloves held pretty good even when I had a senior moment and grabbed the rifle by the barrel immediately after emptying a 30 round magazine. I did not feel that I had lost any great amount of either dexterity or sensitivity, the leather is supple (I never used this word before but it looks good)  and the glove fit my mutant hands quite well after a some three days of 8-hour usage. The one issue I had one with the gloves was the excess material left inside the gloves past the stitching. It kept bothering me like crazy till I carefully removed the offending leather with a very sharp blade and being careful enough not to but too close to the stitch. After surgery was done, the gloves were perfectly comfortable. They also passed the heat test: even though I was wearing them under the South Florida sun under Turkish Bath conditions, my hands felt fine without any trace of heat or sweat. The hook and loop closure (Velcro for those in Hialeah) is generously wide and secure plus makes adjustment easy. They have survived pretty good my absolute lack of care and I have the feeling they will hold regular abuse at the range. The one thing I did not test  was shooting a handgun with them and that is because I realized that it requires a bit more manipulation. I rather do some dry fire and reload practices than just go and try them with a loaded handgun in a range full of people.

So, they are a good investment and you can find them out there for under $30. For the casual user, you can’t go wrong and that’s my humble opinion.

Disclaimer: I am not some Tactical Guru or widely recognized trainer or some former something or another in the military. I am just a fat old shooter with a limited budget and who likes to examine things.  That is all, carry on

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

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