Mistrial with prejudice.

Holy shit do you have any idea how badly an attorney needs to fuck up for a judge to say “I’m going to end this trial due to your mistakes and I’m not going to let you charge him again.”

That’s how prosecutors get disbarred.

The judge is on fire and the ADA is in a world of shit.

Also, Kyle’s attorney is worth whatever he’s paying him and more.

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By J. Kb

14 thoughts on “Rittenhouse trial update”
  1. Well, crap.

    And I say that because a “not guilty” verdict would have helped a lot with the civil suits against Rittenhouse, as well as leaving no ambiguity as to his guilt as far as “the system” is concerned.

    But it might well help any suits he chooses to bring against his persecutors.

  2. Um…..IANAL, but, I wonder how well it goes when, in court, the attorney admonished the judge for interrupting?

    Doesn’t sound smart.

    Maybe, when considered along with Gaige Unspellable’s testimony, he’s is seeking a mistrial, to end his (ADA’s) misery?

  3. Wow, not only does that Binger dude need to be disbarred, but the law school that issued his diploma should be seriously examined to see if it should lose its accreditation.

  4. Remember this Judge. He seems to be one of just afew that has a functioning mind.
    We shall see.
    The kidz gonna need Vetted Security for sometime.
    If he is smart he will have pro help disappearing.
    I hope some Pro’s Step up

    1. I don’t know about that, Kyle has demonstrated his willingness and ability, to effectively and rapidly dispatch threats to him. I say, give him his rifle back, a thousand rounds of ammo, and tell him to have a nice day.

  5. Considering the clusterfuck this is it’s going to be a shame that Kyle‘s going to be found guilty on all charges since all the jurors have been told if they don’t they and their entire families will be murdered.

  6. It does not matter how pissed the judge is. There is only one conclusion: the jury finds Kyle guilty on all charges with life imprisonment and no chance of parole.

    The jurors have already been told the either they rule guilty on all counts with maximum sentencing or they and there entire families will be murdered or at least their lives destroyed in every level. And it might just be far leftist groups like antifa or BLM but I’m pretty sure the state government if not the federal government themselves at the behest of Biden’s handlers are the one that have made those threats.

  7. The prosecution knows they failed, and their only hope is they can make the judge do something that demands an appeal due to an error of the court. It’s a dangerous gamble, and can have some really bad results.

  8. “Also, Kyle’s attorney is worth whatever he’s paying him and more.”

    A lot of normal people donated to Kyle’s Bail and defense funds. And then the media publicized their donations and got them fired for daring to support a presumed innocent young man. Social media cancelled how many people? Slandered how many of them as murderous white supremacists?

    After Kyle is acquitted (next Tuesday or Wedesday?), we need to expose the people that jumped to conclusions and stomped on innocent people’s lives.

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