Another mob of Hamas reporters blocked a road and attacked a truck driver.


This scene looked very familiar to me.


Truck drivers are uniquely prone to roadblocks.

Trucks have limited maneuverability and can’t turn around easily.

Road weight limits and size means they might not be able to bypass roadblocks if major roads are closed.

Truck drivers might not know an area and are limited to routes picked by their carrier or GPS.

We need 50 state concealed-carry reciprocity and Truckers need the ability to defend themselves while trucking.

If not, were going to get a lot more Reginald Dennys from Hamas supporters and Antifa.


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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Roadblocks and CCW reciprocity”
  1. Obviously national permit-less carry would be preferred (along with eliminating the pointless gun-free school act).

  2. Totally agree on the Constitutional carry (of course). But we need to stop using “nice” phrases about these people. They aren’t pro-Palestine. They’re pro TERRORIST.

  3. THIS is why ALL gun owners need to start calling thier “leaders” and demand they support nation wide ccw. But I think it’s wishful thinking that Americans can unite on anything anymore….

  4. The laws we need to demand are laws holding people who deliberately block roads solely accountable for any harm they suffer. Block a road and get run over the vehicle operator is ALWAYS innocent. Trucks make excellent weapons…if the driver doesn’t stop.

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