The Mayor of NYC, Eric Adams is very very unhappy. It seems that “you’re here without proper documentation” you put a strain on the great city of New York.

The gist is that NYC is struggling to find shelter for all of the illegal aliens that have shown up in NYC. Some of the southern states have taken to putting illegal aliens on buses up to DC. From there they are moving up to NYC and other cities.

While NYC has a population of over 8.4 Million people they are having a difficult time finding resources for 3000 “asylum seekers”. The southern states are “heartless” for sending these illegal aliens north and not taking care of them in the border states.

The numbers of people crossing our southern border is in the 100s of thousand per year. You can go on YouTube and find videos of people streaming across the border. They don’t care they are being filmed. They don’t care that they are breaking the law and entering our country illegally. They are here to take.

For the very few that are actually captured or that don’t end up dead in the desert, in the river or baked to death in sealed semi trailer, some are being sent north. Those few are overwhelming the big cities but the small towns of on the southern border should have no problem handling them.

It is terrifying how tone deaf these elites are.

Mayor Eric Adams: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, commissioners, both of you for this serious moment, unprecedented moment. And the goal of our team is to make sure that we meet the moment. Four families did not meet the deadline that’s required by law, not acceptable. And as the commissioner stated, they were not there for 24 hours. They immediately moved to address the issue. But I think as Commissioner Castro stated, 3,000 people needed shelter in our city. Unlike other states in their heartless manner of sending those people seeking a place to stay in our country were sent out of those bordering states and sent to other locales.

Mayor Adams: If it’s New York, if it’s Washington. The mere fact is, we are responsive and we responded. And when you look at 3,000 people hitting our shelter system, an immediate response from the infrastructure of our system to address their concerns is what we are talking about. So any comment or insinuation that we did not respond the way New Yorkers expect us to do so is just not true. And this is not a moment of saying, “Hey, we got you, we caught you.” No, this is a moment our administration is saying to them, “We’ve got you. This is who we are as New Yorkers. We got you. We’re going to provide the services you need and many complex services.”

Mayor Adams: Because when you’re here without proper documentation, you have to navigate so many of the resources that we need to find ways to address. But we don’t have people in our shelters who are not being fed, who are not spending days on the floor, sleeping with children. That is not who we are. That is not who we are going to be as a city. And we’re asking all to be a part of this initiative. Our faith-based institutions, our legal advisors are those who want to volunteer. We were just here with Norman Siegel the other day.

Mayor Adams: We are all in this together to deal with this influx of innocent people who are seeking asylum or fleeing wars, who are fleeing crises in their own country. New York is one of the few states where you have right to shelter. One of the few. We’re not like those who are sending people away during their time and needs. We are representative of what this country stands for, and we will always continue. Five families or four families that did not receive services within the timeframe that the law calls for is four families too many. But those over 3,000 individuals that we were able to provide services for, I want to say a job well done for those families that we provided services for. And we’re going to continue to provide services as a transition into normalizing their lives and not having to live within the shelter system.

Official transcript July 21, 2022 fetched July 23rd.

What happens when the violence moves north with these illegals? What happens when their culture collides with the culture of the East Coast and North East? Things could get interesting.

Update: I’m not sure that it shouldn’t be air quoted “elites” or elitists. I’ll leave it there as an “awaism” today. Thinking about it.

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  1. The gubmint is bussing illegals up to my state(Maine) and putting them in motels/hotels in (funny part next) areas where all the “beautiful people “ live!! For “long term” rental.. we already had that problem here with the “homeless “(lazy) people.. now its illegals… glad we are a constitutional carry state..

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