A mob of pro-HAMAS protesters blocked a road, surrounded a car, and tried to attack the driver.

The driver fled but was trapped again by protesters.

Protesters shouldn’t have the right to corral people and assault them.

If protesters block a road, it should be, and needs to be, legal to run them over while trying to exit the situation.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Running over protesters needs to be legal”
  1. I recently saw a video of anti-oil protesters blocking a bus. The driver just kept inching forward and the whining protesters eventually moved.

    That might not work as well with a smaller vehicle, though.

    1. I saw that, too. But later found the bus was full of “migrants”.

      Kind of a “can’t they both lose?” situation.

  2. And be armed. Remember the Antifa riots, they instituted interceptors and blocking vehicles to stop cars that drove through the violence.

  3. I saw a German video of protesters sitting in the road. Guy in a bmw blew his horn and they didn’t move. There were 2 of them sitting in the road.. bmw backed up turned around and backed up to them slowly. Then he flattened the throttle… they moved.. yea, some areas it is legal to run the fukkers over.. it should be national. Get out the V plows boys… and 10 guys in the back with appropriate anti protest tools… city council man ordering people to find that old man… bunch of us should find the guy and protect him then give him a medal

  4. Naturally Minnesota has no real Castle Doctrine statute, and while they have a limited one that applies only to the home AND have no “duty to retreat” when you’re in your home, people who have defended themselves inside their homes have been charged because they “didn’t retreat”.

    In sane states, trying to force your way into a car makes use of force presumptively legal. BUT, even in Texas a leftist prosecutor will charge you.

    1. I have been making the argument that, today, law abiding citizens must wait well past the point of Imminence, before they respond with lethal force; as in when attackers have actually broken through the door or window and are putting hand or weapons upon you, then and only then are you in a situation where any reasonable person would use enough force to preserve their life.

    2. In Indiana, Castle Doctrine applies explicitly to occupied vehicles. They try to break in, it’s legally game on. And since the vehicle itself is a lethal weapon…

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