Not “anti-war.”

Not “anti-Israel.”

Not “anti-Zionist.”


Anti-Jewish is a demographic.

I will give her credit for her honesty, it really makes the morality of the situation crystal clear.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Said the quiet part”
  1. “im not racist, I only hate jews”….. ignorance is alive and thriving.. she/it could be the poster child. liberals are like toddlers, the can rationalize thier actions just like a 2 year old..

  2. To answer her.
    You are not worth protecting. Not while you support islam, hamass and the destruction/subjugation of anything/anyone who is not muslim.
    Sorry, but when you as a society decide infidels are not worthy of any respect, I lose any desire to protect you in any way.
    If muslims started actually adopting civilized attitudes toward non-muslims, I will change my tune. Until then, sorry, you are the last group I will take any action to protect in any way.

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