If this happened in Florida, nobody would have even blinked.


LAS VEGAS (KVVU) – A man accused of intentionally driving the wrong way on Las Vegas’ 215 beltway told a judge that the ghost of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. told him to do it.

Daniel Asseff, 51, faces charges of attempted murder, driving under the influence and battery with a deadly weapon after vehicle crashes reported Jan. 28 in the area of Lake North Drive and Fort Apache Road, near Sahara Avenue, KVVU reports.

In a court hearing Tuesday, Asseff told Judge Ann Zimmerman that Earnhardt’s ghost told him to drive the wrong way on the freeway in order to get the mayor’s attention and bring NASCAR back to Las Vegas.

Crash suspect says Dale Earnhardt’s ghost told him to drive wrong way

Then again, maybe the true pandemic is not COVID but Stupidity.

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