From San Francisco:


The police are incapable of doing any regarding residential theft.

There are too few of them, and if they do anything they are bogged down in paperwork while the city attorneys dismiss the charges against the criminals.

Nobody give a shit about the innocent people who get hurt.

Meanwhile, in Haiti:

Moment ‘gang members’ beg for mercy before vigilante lynch mob stones them and burns them alive among petrol-soaked tyres in the streets in Haiti

This is the horrifying moment suspected Haitian gang members beg for mercy before a vigilante lynch mob stones and burns them alive.

The mob beat and burned 13 men to death with gasoline-soaked tyres on Monday after pulling them from police custody at a traffic stop, police and witnesses in the capital Port-au-Prince said.

The horrific vigilante violence shows the level of public anger over the increasing lawlessness in Port-au-Prince.

Criminal gangs have taken control of an estimated 60 per cent of the city since the July 2021 assassination of president Jovenel Moïse.

A witness who gave his name as Edner Samuel told reporters that members of the crowd took the suspected gangsters away from police, beat them and stoned them before putting tyres on them, pouring gasoline on top and burning them.

An Associated Press reporter at the scene saw 13 bodies burning in the street. 

When the government cannot protect people from crime, the people will do it themselves.

I should say that I don’t support necklacing thieves and gang members, but I absolutely do.

Given the huge numbers of videos we’ve seen of looting and shoplifting, and articles about retailers shutting down stores due to loss, perhaps necklacing thieves will be more of a deterrent than the feckless law enforcement and judicial systems.

Maybe when a few dozen thieves and looters end up in the middle of a tire fire in a city street, the government might actually do something to curb the crime.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “San Francisco becoming Haiti would be an improvement”
  1. “Maybe when a few dozen thieves and looters end up in the middle of a tire fire in a city street, the government might actually do something to curb the crime.”
    They either go after the vigilantes and HARD or at this point the state is in such dysfunctional state that it does not really matter anymore.

    But they never ever will take vigilante justice as an incentive to go after career criminals and gangs.

  2. What TW said. If anyone even looks crosseyed at these POS’s, the city, state, and maybe even federal will come down on them for ‘hate crimes’ then subsidize the POS’s as they also sue the victim.

    and it’s not just San Fran. Chicago had a 1% clearance rate for felony theft and 5/4% for robbery/burglary in 2022.

  3. IF enough citizens band together and cure it, they might be able to cure a few other things too.. but being the land of fruits and nuts, probably not..

  4. They will always go after the average working Joe who is law abiding and sick of being a victim so he ventilates someone victimizing him because they know he will safety and easily submit to authority and won’t be turned loose.

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