San Francisco has figured out a way to solve all of its major social problems: the rampant homelessness, human shit everywhere, prohibitively expensive housing, car break-ins, etc.

I mean, just yesterday I saw the news that a “San Francisco train conductor reportedly warns riders to watch ‘for needles’ amid ‘needle litter’ epidemic.”

Conductors there reportedly have taken to the trains’ PA systems to warn riders about hypodermic needles being left on seats by transient drug users as San Francisco fights an uphill battle to clean up thousands of syringes discarded each month all over the city.

This was in response to an incident that happened in May, “BART passenger says she sat on discarded hypodermic needle.”  I can’t imagine how horrible that is.  You get on the train to commute to work and come home with HIV or Hep C.

Well, San Francisco has finally done something to fix this.

Eat ‘lunch with the rest of us.’ San Francisco weighs ban on employee cafeterias

A proposal introduced Tuesday to ban employee cafeterias in future San Francisco office buildings represents more than an effort to boost the city’s restaurant scene, backers say.

“People will have to go out and (eat) lunch with the rest of us,” Aaron Peskin, a San Francisco supervisor who co-sponsored the proposal, told The San Francisco Examiner.

“This is also about a cultural shift,” Supervisor Ahsha Safai, who proposed the ban, told The San Francisco Chronicle. “We don’t want employees biking or driving into their office, staying there all day long and going home. This is about getting people out of their office, interacting with the community and adding to the vibrancy of the community.”

I can understand why people who work in San Francisco offices don’t want to leave their buildings for lunch.

Would you want to have to step over piles of shit and overdosed homeless people, risking exposure to HIV and Hepatitis, just to pay unreasonable high prices for a sandwich and not even be allowed to have a straw?

Yeah… me neither.

That’s going to be the law in San Francisco, because it will solve all their other problems.

Personally, there is one law I want to see passed.

Elected members of the San Francisco city goverment must spend one day per week personally checking for needles on San Francisco public transportation seats with their own asses. 

That might actually accomplish something.


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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “San Francisco has solved all of its problems this time”
  1. I’m beginning to think that only divine intervention can “save San Francisco,” I.e. “The Big One.” I also wonder how long they will continue to allow the city to be named for a christian saint.

  2. Each week figure out something really stupid that a city could require, and you will know what SF will do next. Like make the transit riders have to pick up at least one needle to be allowed to get off the train

  3. Calexit now, forget about letting them secede, is there any way Congress can forcibly expell a state? Or at least split the Bay Area off and make it a territory?
    It seems like they are hell bent on proving California is a laboratory for bad ideas as SF attempts government by virtue signaling rather than confronting the reality that SF has become a failed state with a 3rd world have and have not economy.

    1. Ah, obscure constitutional questions.
      – Forcibly expel a state — I don’t think so. Nor is there any provision in the Constitution for a state leaving, not even with the agreement of Congress. A curious oversight.
      – Split a state — yes, Congress has authority to do that but the legislature of the affected state must agree.

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