Homelessness in the Bay Area has become such a problem people are being urged to give their spare rooms over to the homeless.

Some charities have urged local families – who are sick of seeing the homeless crisis on their doorsteps – to do something about it personally by taking unhoused people into their own homes and spare rooms – and some schemes have little to no compensation.

Christi Carpenter, executive director of East Bay nonprofit Safe Time, which places homeless families and college students in spare bedrooms for one-to-six months, told Mercury News: ‘This is something that someone can do when they just feel that despair of ‘oh my gosh, I just can’t stand seeing these poor people on the streets near my home

Homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area is now so bad residents are being asked to house a homeless person in their OWN HOMES: Politicians and charities claim locals want to be part of the solution

I have no problem with people on their own accord and philosophy to help others in trouble, especially if the help empowers them to stand on their own. But this is California, and you know damn well first they start asking and then they start forcing.

The mayor of the Richmond, located in the East Bay county of Contra Costa about 20 miles from downtown San Francisco, has set up a program to match homeless people with local landlords who have empty apartments.

Funded by private donations, it will pay the landlords a year’s rent up front to encourage them to forgo the usual credit, employment and background checks for tenants.

‘That’s the carrot,’ Mayor Tom Butt told DailyMail.com, adding that they were paid the market rate.

And there is no mention of “the stick” but you do not have to be a genius to see it is implied and you will get it if you do not “volunteer.” There is more justice that way, da?


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By Miguel.GFZ

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13 thoughts on “San Francisco Homeowners are being asked to house the homeless.”
  1. Couldnt happen to a nicer bunch of class concious asshats. I would pay 10 bucks to see the look on thier face when homeless guy moves in… fuk them

  2. How many can the ginhag and family put up in their many mansions? ” Here you go, Jamal, help yourself to some $12 a pint ice cream. You can crap in the toilet, or in the backyard, whatever.”

  3. Show of hands on those who think any of the directors of Safe Time or various city mayors are putting homeless people in their own homes? Anyone?

    Now, who thinks those directors are participating in that program by housing attractive students of their preferred proclivities and pretending that counts towards their Virtue Credit Score? Because the fine print says “students and homeless families”, and you know darn well which group the Cali Nomenklatura is going to pick.

  4. In about five years, there will be a creepy liitle crime story about the person that took in a few of these homeless people, and has been collecting their rent stipend and cashing their SSI Disability checks ever since. Except the former homeless people have not been seen for years, and no one cared until some distant relative of one of them comes looking.

    1. Much sooner reports will be about the homeowners killed/raped/assaulted/robbed/driven from their homes by the homeless suckcockers.

  5. Given the amount of damage a tenant can do in a short amount of time – easily more than a year’s rent total, let alone profit – I can see landlords selling and doing property swaps for rental units not in California.

    This will not make the housing situation better in the Bay Area, for either the homeless or anyone else.

  6. There is absolutely no risk at all associated to you or your possesions by letting a stranger who likely has an unmanaged mental health condion into your home! And suggestion to the contrary is racists and classist!

    Meanwhile in Utah:


    God bless the people who want to do something to help the poor and down trodden, they are certainly nicer than me, probably even better people, but this is so obviously not the way to do it.

    1. Mebbe it’s just me, but most of the attraction of having my own place, is (er…um….) HAVING MY OWN PLACE.

      Which maps exactly onto NOT having strangers (in both meanings, both noun and comparative) in my place.

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