In the category of things I’d never thought I’d see but wanted to is that San Francisco has acknowledged that they must shall issue concealed carry permits.

Good job Bruen decision.

The SFPD has released the list of requirements for a permit to be issued.


I take huge umbrage with the in person interview and SFPD psychological exam.

What are they looking for?

What standards do they have?

This seems very subjective and an easy way for the SFPD to deny permits.

I really hope that aspect of the process gets struck down by the courts.

The 16 hours of approved training us long, but on par with other Blue states (Illinois) for onerous CCW requirements.

The other thing they released was the live fire requirements and what guns they will allow people to carry.


This is interesting.

My belief on the caliber restrictions is this:

On the high end, e.g., rifle calibers and 5.7, it’s to keep anything potentially armor piercing out of the hands of CCW.

On the low end, e.g., no 22 LR, 25 or 32 ACP, is to keep people from carrying “Saturday Night Specials” which are generally cheap blowback pistols in low pressure cartridges.

But if I can play devil’s advocate for just a minute, the calibers that they list cover probably 98% of all the CCW guns sold.  It’s still, I believe, unconstitutional, but it’s not horribly burdensome from a practical standpoint.

The live fire qualification actually seems pretty easy for anyone with any practical shooting experience.

I had similar qualifications in Illinois and Nebraska and they weren’t that hard to pass.  Those aren’t X-ring hits.  Those are anywhere inside a B-27 silhouette target.

Don’t think for a second that I like the SFPD’s restriction, I don’t.  Im just trying to give some perspective, given that they obviously didn’t want to give out permits and hate gun owners, it could be much worse.

I still think that the interview and psych exam are the most likely to be shot down due to those being the most subjective.

I hope San Franciscans take advantage of this.

Nothing will drive the SFPD more insane than being absolutely flooded with applications.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “San Francisco Police release their CCW requirements”
  1. If you live in the land of fruits and nuts, just become a criminal. Go in your local store and steal a buncha stuff. Make sure you are seem by everyone. Then you can carry what ever the hell you want, where you want.. can’t beat em, join em…

  2. First off, this is just a “may issue: scam. Too many areas for a regular citizen to fall through the cracks.

    Second, I agree, the live fire part isn’t too difficult, and yet, it is like a poll test.

    Third, are you actually able to purchase a handgun without a permit of some sort? I’m not familiar with California law.

    Fourth, only one 5.76x28mm bullet is considered “armor piercing” (the rationale for that cartridge’s development) and that is restricted to LE. (FN SS190 – Red box).

    1. You need to take a test to get a firearm safety certificate to buy a gun in Cali. This is administered at the dealer, not by the local or state police. The cost to take the test is something like $30-$40 iirc.
      Some dealers, at least in the SF Bay are, will not let you take the test unless you have taken additional (usually expensive and multi day) training from them. Some dealers will also play games with the mandated waiting period (e.g. adding up to an extra day to the waiting period, depending on when you visit for the initial purchase, and putting a time limit on how long you have to pick up after the waiting period.)

  3. As far as SF itself is concerned, I thought the last gun shop there (High Bridge Arms, or something like that) closed. I don’t think there are any public ranges now in the city, either. So I wonder if SF will play games re whether the training and testing has to be in their county (which is the city) as a next step.

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