San Francisco’s Illegal Alien Voting Guide

You can download a copy here.

I love the bottom part:

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR NON-UNITED STATES CITIZENS Any information you provide to the Department of Elections, including your name and address, may be obtained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and other agencies, organizations, and individuals. In addition, if you apply for naturalization, you will be asked whether you have ever registered or voted in a federal, state, or local election in the United States. You may wish to consult with an immigration attorney, an organization that protects immigrant rights, or other knowledgeable source before providing any personal information to the Department of Elections and before registering to vote in San Francisco Board of Education Elections. You can find a list of nonprofit organizations that specialize in protecting the rights of immigrants on

Consult with a lawyer who will tell you: a) remain illegal or b) Lie if you are asked if you voted by an Immigration Official. Say no because they pack your ass and deport you. Do not Pass GO, Do Not Collect $200. Next stop: Tijuana.


4 Replies to “San Francisco’s Illegal Alien Voting Guide”

  1. How are ILLEGAL aliens allowed to vote? Isn’t it breaking laws ? I guess if they promise NOT to vote in anything else but CITY elections,eh? Wink,wink.

  2. Interesting. They aren’t allowing illegal aliens to vote, they are limiting it only to aliens (legal or illegal) who are parents of minor children. What’s next — disallowing childless Americans from voting in school elections?

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