If the eternal quest for the perfect truck gun was not bad enough, this meme just added to the mix.

We have available several companies offering affordable choices in steel, so if you really want to carry one in your car, you can as long as your body can take the weight.

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According to the manufacturer, the kit above comes to under 11 pounds, so it should not be too taxing for those like me with bad backs. If you feel that 9″x9″ is not enough coverage, you can upgrade to bigger plates but with the corresponding weight penalty. They do have lightweight composites, but as you can imagine, they are not in the cheap section of the list.

Usage? I don’t think it is something you will use if immediately attacked: you simply won’t have the time to put it on, plus the people at work will find it frightful and calls to HR would be made if you were to wear it regularly. However, if you happened to live in an area where crowd misbehavior may occur if certain verdicts do not go the way the Narrative indicates,  I believe it would be a sane choice of wardrobe to have for the honorary Roof Korean in all of us.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

8 thoughts on “Saturday Meme”
    1. I live in the gunshine state. No one cares. I just need a way to secure a truck rifle to prevent theft.

      1. Internet search ” truck safe”. I have two in my truck (I guess I’m an overachiever). F’rinstance, Tuffy 316-01 underseat vehicle safe. Entering a non permissive environment, in gun and off I go. In the event of spicy times, well, I have more options.

        Options that won’t fit into a belt holster.

  1. The Freeman is a decent little budget plate carrier, I have several of them & don’t really have any complaints. If you keep the carrier slick, & with the plates in & the straps fully extended, you can fold the carrier into a bundle small enough to fit under your car seat provided you don’t have all the weird electrical connectors under there. The company ships their products in fairly heavy plastic bags & a slick Freeman with plates installed & folded will fit back into its original bag for storage.
    I have several of their other products as well & no real complaints about those either aside from the prices. Their stuff is less bulky & more flexible than the Condor carriers I’ve used & the laser cut PALS is a big improvement.
    The Dear Wife is a busty lady & putting her in a Freeman is a joke. We’ve tried the company’s Veritas & Invictus carriers as well & they both do an ok-ish job of containing her hyper-moving chest terrain but we’re still on the prowl for a carrier that properly fits a naturally busty woman. Of the two the Invictus does a marginally better job but not enough to justify breaking the bank over it.

    AR500 has been a decent company to work with, I’ve probably done close to a dozen different orders with them at this point & they only screwed up one. It’s wasn’t overly difficult to get them to make it right which is a plus. A couple of orders have been subject to long lead time, I think the longest was about 3 months but that was maybe 5-6 years back when the company was smaller. At any rate, for the money they put out a decent product. I have no affiliation with the company & derive no financial gain from them, just a mostly happy customer.

  2. One can use UHMW as armor, thickness equals resistance. A steel plate with a plastic plate over it or behind it, is a relatively inexpensive way to enhance existing armor.

    If used by itself, use bedliner as an anti-spall coating.

    Using a combination of steel and UHMW in places where the steel isn’t allows some more protection, and the UHMW can be heat formed.

  3. Id personally save the extra $200 and get ceramic, BAO has many $300ish deals. But there are benefits for sure of steel, you dont havw to worry about heat degridation and something breaking it.

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