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Dear Activist Idiot: In case you have not heard, there is an energy crunch in Europ right now because and everybody needs to do their part in conserving fuels…which strangely is something you are supposed to be championing. Nex time, try to glue to each other and the floor to conserve heat.

And the bowls are probably made out of that evil petrol-based plastic so you should be happy you are not contributing to pollute even more our landfills.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

17 thoughts on “Schadenfreude Alert: Enviromental Nutjobs bitch when carbon-based comforts are not provided.”
  1. So he’s wearing the cheapest lab coat available to show the world he is a “scientist”?
    Try wearing a stethoscope, all scientist on TV have one. Or cheap plastic googles.

    Also I’m pretty sure the glue will not adhere properly to the (propably) epoxy based floor coating.
    A little shove would show the stupidity of these people.

  2. I just luv the idiots! Its like killing yer self because your girlfriend cheated on ya… ya THAT will show em!! “We are raising awareness !!”
    Yes, we are all aware that you bunch are idiots.
    I wonder how they all arrived at the protest… in a prius?? Did they walk? Ride a bicycle?? I bet they all drove there. I would shut the heat off, tow away thier cars and crush them,turn off the power, move all the cars out except the one they surround and walk away. Lock the building, “ see yall in a month”..Attention whores is all these sad sack morons are. Best thing to do is ignore them. Prob used school kid elmers glue!

    1. You had me cheering, right up to the ignore them sentence, then you lost my support. I suggest taking turns beating the crap out of them.

      1. Nah. Any attention, even “bad” attention, is good attention to these folks. Ignoring them completely denies them any satisfaction.

        1. Naw, beating the crap out of them teaches them to stay out of the range of whatever I have in my hands at the time. I also suggest spraying superglue on their faces, then slamming that into the floor. Then turn off the power and come back next week.
          When you ignore their evil stupidity, they escalate, that is why the world is circling the crapper as we post, we ignored what idiots are capable of.

          1. Ignore their stupid actions and they escalate, yes … right to the point where consequences start happening. Some will go away, and some will continue to escalate until they find what level of response they can live with. I think what we’re discussing, really, is the point where consequences start happening, and how steep the slope is after that.

            1. And yet, you are advocating ignoring them, which means NOTHING will happen and they will escalate even more. If we stop ignoring the little shit, it’s won’t get to the big shit. I’m on the slippery slope of “it won’t be pretty when I start sliding.”

    1. HAH! This exactly. It’s a lot easier to run one of those floor machines over a mess than demean yourself shuttling someone else’s muck about.

      Would it be rude to put a nice bubbly water cooler near enough to see and hear? Maybe bring in one of those desk fountains.

      1. They are children.
        They do not have the adult reasoning capacity to think about what happens afterward. Or, when something goes wrong.
        Just like the five year old that wants to run away from home, but needs Mom to make them some sandwiches for the trip.

  3. Assuming they actually got their bowls, just how are they going to use them to urinate and/or dedicate with one hand glued to the floor?

    1. As I said above, it’s the “And then what?” part of the planning that always seems to be missing… 😉

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