Disgraced former Sheriff Scott Israel is like a bad case of herpes, he just refuses to go away.  The Broward Democrat Party is so infected with him, he just won’t stay gone.

Remember that he was suspended by the Governor by executive order.

He challenged that order, it went all the way up to the Florida Supreme Court, which upheld the suspension.

Then it went to the Florida State Senate which voted to not reinstate him.

That’s strike one, two, and three.

Keep in mind, each and every time he’s been shot down, the evidence of his failures as both Sheriff and as a human being are reentered into the record.

Not just at Parkland mind you, but his total bumble-fucking of the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting the year prior.  That was a consistent argument against him.  That he totally mishandled the airport shooting and made all the same mistakes again at Parkland.  He failed to learn from his first failure and make any substantive changes to his department.

At some point, you’d expect a man who had been cut down by the Governor, the State Supreme Court, and the State Senate to crawl under a rock for a while and lay low.

If he’s hurting for money, he could probably find a job as a consultant or talking head for CNN or MSNBC.  He has the right credentials, i.e., a hard-line Democrat with an anti-gun agenda, and the perception of being a victim of an illegitimate Republican witch hunt.

He might even be able to take his show on the road and fail upward in a state like California.

But he is done in Florida.  The only one that doesn’t seem to understand this is Scott Israel.

Governor, Florida Senate president seek to quash Scott Israel lawsuit
Attorneys for ousted Broward County sheriff claim client deprived of due process without ‘factual and evidentiary support’

That mother-fucker.  I am truly astounded by the unbelievable hubris of this pile of human garbage.

[Attorneys for Israel] claim DeSantis and the Florida Senate deprived Israel of due process, compromising the will of Broward County voters and ignoring a special master’s recommendation that he be reinstated.

DeSantis suspended Israel in January 2019, citing “neglect of duty and incompetence” during two mass shootings in Broward County — at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in January 2017 and at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland on Valentine’s Day 2018.

Special Master Dudley Goodlette, a Republican and former state lawmaker, wrote in his 34-page report that DeSantis failed to present any evidence to support the Republican governor’s position.

You know what?


Let that fucker sue.

Then the Governor’s lawyers should exhume the bodies of every kid shot on the third floor, wheel the open caskets into the courtroom and say:

“This is every child shot after your deputies had ample time to respond but didn’t, because they were too busy pissing themselves hiding behind trees and relaying bad information, or setting up a perimeter keeping out Coral Springs PD, which wanted to go in and kill that fucking son-of-a-bitch Cruz, which is what the SOP is for every law enforcement agency in the country responding to an active shooter since Columbine, except for yours, the Coward’s Sheriff’s Office, you piece of shit.”

He needs to be so thoroughly embarrassed before a federal judge that he loses the case, goes home, and gives his service weapon a blowjob.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Scott “the Cold Sore” Israel”
  1. “Disgraced former Sheriff Scott Israel is like a bad case of herpes”

    That’s an insult to herpes, I think. 😉

    This waste of skin is like an infected oozing stinking cyst on humanity’s bunghole and should be treated accordingly.

  2. Indeed, Minime. I am waiting for the vocal Pro-Herpes Lobby to come out of the metaphorical closet, screaming in protest against this libel against herpes’ good name.

    Maybe hire Israel’s attorney, to sue….

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