From last night’s State of the Union Address:


This on the heels of the pistol brace ban is going to drive everything to a head.

It’s time that the Supreme Court finally tackle the issue of assault weapons and possibly the NFA with it.

After Bruen, I’m confident that such a decision will rule in our favor.

But it’s time to stop beating around the bush and knock this shit out once and for all.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “SCOTUS needs to sack up”
  1. “Assult weapon” is a made up word to make certain rifles look more scary than others,.. just like “semi auto”…. SCOTUS just has to simply say- “any firearm NOT listed under the NFA can not be infringed on. PERIOD end of ussue. Evil black rifles are simply “self loading” the original definition of semi auto…We the People need to STOP validating idiots whining “ban assult weapons”. Be aware but stop sensatioalizing idiots.

  2. Isn’t it so funny that I haven’t been hearing about those two CA shootings non stop on NPR after a week passed?
    So funny. So weird.

  3. So far, no restrictive gun control law has shown any benefit to the public at large. Any “benefits” are lying with statistics, or just plain outright lying.
    The SCOTUS should step up and take this on. Stopping the law abiding from owning and using a firearm in a law abiding and responsible manner benefits no one.

  4. Little bit of history here, the Thompson was originally available through Sears as mail order. The Chicago typewriter as it was called was made famous by Al Capone and the rest of the gangsters. The St Valentine’s day massacre was in 1929 and Tommy’s were used there. All of this was used to justify the NFA. The murder rate and gross number of murders back then in Chicago was LOWER than it is today with the strict gun control they have now. The NFA is not only an unconstitutional law, it’s an utter failure at it’s stated goal.

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