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Here is this guy’s bio:


Ah yes, a Leftist journalist from New York City.

And what does he believe?

That if black people carried guns, white conservatives would instantly ban guns.



He doesn’t want to see black people carry guns so he assumes white conservatives are even more racist than he is and would react to seeing black people with guns the same way he would.

Racist against black people and bigoted against conservative white people.

That’s all Leftist ls have, racism and bigotry, which they try and turn into a virtue.

Scratch a Leftist, find a bigot.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Scratch a Leftist, find a racist”
  1. They get called out and get even more stupid. Yup, kind compassionate tolerant RACIST HATE FILLED liberals…. Maybe some day there will be a bounty on them..

  2. And he’s restricted comments after the ratio. Shock.

    Let him stay in NYC. He’ll get everything he deserves.

  3. How about moderately armed?

    I have to concur with J’s assessment: projection.

    I can only hope that people displaying this amazing degree of intelligence and insight is a tiny fraction of living and breathing people.

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