The IDF has lots of experience finding people in rubble after buildings are destroyed, thanks to Islamic terrorists.

They travel all over the world to help in these types of situations.

But to a Leftist, they show up because they must have brought the building down.

For the record, it was brought down because it posed a risk to the rescue teams.  It was unstable and a controlled demolition that had it fall away from where the rescue teams were operating was safer than having it fall on the rescue teams as they removed rubble.

But why understand that when you can blame the JOOOOOOOOOSSS!!!

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Scratch a Leftist find an anti-semite”
  1. And also there’s a hurricane headed that way and the building might have collapsed during that.

    This timing makes complete, logical sense to me.

  2. If anything, it might have been done sooner, to allow access to the whole collapse area. The reason I can see for waiting as they did is to avoid producing vibrations that might bring down unstable rubble while there was still a substantial hope of finding someone alive. That hope is, unfortunately, not exactly zero at this point but very close to it.

  3. Come to think of it, if you want to make up unsupported conspiracy theories, suggesting this was a terrorist attack is far more plausible. For one, because that’s what terrorists do. And besides, it was (reportedly) well known that a substantial portion of the residents are orthodox Jews.

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