There was a pro-Hamas Jew-hate rally in Seattle.

Antifa came out to help, because commies hate Jews as much as Islamists do.

Antifa employed one of their more aggressive tactics, blocking traffic.


The terrible think is the actions of the cops.

These police are watching Antifa block traffic and detain people.

When the drivers ask the cops to make Antifa let them through, the police give a social justice explanation that protesting is supposed to make people uncomfortable.

That’s bullshit.

There are countless scenarios why this is dangerous.

A parent trying to get home to a child.

Someone having a medical issue trying to get to a doctor.

And the police are letting it happen.

Either they are scared because they are outnumbered or the police have been ideologically captured by Antifa.

Or both.

We all know the police have no duty to protect, but these police are abetting a crime.

They should be arrested and thrown into gen pop, and every inmate told they are a cop.

Also, you are on your own, nobody is coming to save you.

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By J. Kb

13 thoughts on “Seattle police abetting criminal kidnapping”
  1. Let’s add another scenario, which was actually played out: A man frantically begging to be let through, as being late to work would violate his probation and he’d be sent back to prison.

  2. Getting what they voted for good and hard.

    You know if this was a right leaning ‘protest’, they would demand every permit in the world.

    And to Scrappycrow’s comment. And you know the police ‘don’t have the resources’ to call his probation officer to help him out. Just ‘a little bit uncomfortable’.

  3. If protests are “supposed to make people uncomfortable” help the protestors do that by running over them.
    What? They’re not supposed to be the ones feeling uncomfortable?

  4. 4th and Pine St in Seattle? No surprise there; that’s ground-zero to what Joe Huffman calls “Mugme Street”.
    If the residents know that area by reputation, you know the cops do, too. But there’s no effort to crack down on criminal behavior there, so it’s also no surprise that the cops would allow Antifa and pro-Hamas “demonstrators” to detain, harass, and terrorize innocent passers-by.
    To some extent, yes, free speech demonstrations should make people a bit uncomfortable. But there’s a significant different between feeling uncomfortable, and being in objective, demonstrable danger. And that doesn’t even address the disruption to emergency services and routes of travel.

  5. I used to enjoy going to Seattle every few months, and the wife liked the Nordstroms’ Rack downtown.

    Haven’t been there for well over five years, and don’t plan on going back.

    Don’t go north to Vancouver, BC anymore either.

  6. A criminal drug addict in Minneapolis dies while being arrested, and Seattle decides that all cops are criminals and defunds the department.
    And, someone is surprised that cops in Seattle stand by and do nothing when a protest shuts down a street? I’m not.

    1. Problem is twofold. First, they wouldn’t do anything to help the people trying to get through the protestors. Second, and this is where the asymmetry comes in, if someone had to defend him- or herself, I seriously doubt the cops would shrug and let them go.

    1. I’m reminded of the essay “When the music stops” by Matthew Bracken, in his collection “The Bracken Anthology”. Lots of good stuff in there, mostly non-fiction, some short stories. “Prof. Raoul X” and “What I saw at the coup” are short stories, and in typical Bracken fashion both plausible and quite scary.

  7. “When the drivers ask the cops to make Antifa let them through, the police give a social justice explanation that protesting is supposed to make people uncomfortable.”
    Meh. Those cops just want to date her.

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