Seeing What You Expect

It’s been a long week, but I wanted to share a story from my teenage years. You see, I grew up in a family that went hunting and fishing a lot. When I was in middle school, and my brothers in high schools, my family started to do a lot of animal trapping.

My father had to head to work early in the morning so my brothers and I would check the traps in the morning before school. For efficiency, the driver would stay in the vehicle while others ran off to check traps. However, there were a few traps visible from the vehicle.

One snowy morning we are going down the road with fields on both sides. Up ahead was a stream with small, densely packed trees down the banks. There was a truck parked near the stream crossing, but we thought nothing of it since we were on game-lands. We stopped at the crossing at peered out the window to see if the trap was set off. Two seconds into looking, I noticed a man in full snowy-camouflage peeing in creek about 30 feet from us. The man didn’t move a muscle, and it felt like we were staring for forever at him. When my oldest brother started casually pulling away because no animal was in the trap I busted out laughing. They did not see the dude peeing like ten feet away from the trap!

It always makes me laugh to think about what the man must have been thinking.


Update on my life: I just finished a few projects and will be less stressed out, so now I will be able to reserve more brain power for better blogs.

Have a nice day everybody.

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