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I don’t think she realizes that in most states, a sap, cosh, or blackjack is illegal to carry.

I disagree with the law but it’s still the law.

This woman is so concerned with being convinced for defending herself from abuse that she chooses to carry a felony keychain.

Not just that, but her felony keychain is almost guaranteed to be ineffective.

I honestly don’t see a woman beating a man down with a weighted keychain.  That seems highly improbable.

These people are filled with such bad information and advice it’s mind numbing.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Self defense idiocy”
  1. Consistent with support for new gun laws that are already on the books, won’t solve the problem (or “problem”) they are concerned about, or both.

  2. The “bad information “ is rampant! And no matter what you say or do its solid gold information… best thing to do is let them learn the hard way.. these are the same women that think a piece of paper protects them..
    you cant fix stupid… ask Clint Smith..

  3. Having brained myself more than once during home improvement projects/car work, I can tell you with a measurable amount of certainty a 3oz. steel ball cushioned within paracord is not going to stop me. Seriously, a 2×6 of pressure treated to the noggin is a LOT more painful than her blackjack. Well, unless she is well trained in hand to hand combat and can keep her head on straight enough to use it effectively.
    Which, if she was trained up, she would know that her little ball on the key chain is not effective.

    1. It could be effective… if your target didn’t know anything was coming their way and their guard was down. But then, it wouldn’t be self defense.

  4. You are correct. There are many arms that are forbidden for The People, even if they get government permission slips to carry a firearm.
    I the knot tying world it is a fun little tidbit that the monkey fist knot is illegal in many states. There are sort of exceptions for when it is attached to a heaving line. But still lots and lots of states just outright ban them.
    Having a weight at the end of a flexible thing, like she has there, does have the ability to increase the effectiveness of her illegal weapon. Unfortunately the length she has there is a little short to actually give it the velocity increase that weight needs. Add to that, it is highly unlikely she has the training to use that weapon. And most males that I know would automatically block a blow and not even notice she had a weapon.
    She’s an ignorant victim to be. When she does become a victim she will whine and cry about how horrible men are with zero self reflection.

  5. Pictured someone who is both ignorant of weapons laws and who has never been in fight or even really watched any.

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