Go call your Senators now!

Read the text for yourself (PDF warning)“Bipartison Safer Communities act”

Quick call to 202-224-3121 is the US Capitol switch board.

Go call your representatives as well.

UPDATE: Reading that bill is difficult and not very helpful. Instead of giving us the final text of the different bills it is full of delete this, insert that language. This is how most bills actual are. In order to know what it actually does you have to see the marked up bill.

I’m leaving this link to a redstate.com article where they talk about what others are saying is in the bill:
BREAKING: Text of Senate Gun Bill Released, and Your Rights Are Dangling by a Thread

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5 thoughts on “Senate Gun Bill of 2022 on its way to the floor UPDATED”
    1. I’ve already contacted my state senators. I don’t expect anything from them. I reached out to McConnell as you suggested. His office isn’t taking calls, they say because they are flooded with calls. The voice mail is either turned off or full.

      I hope it works

  1. This is where it gets interesting, and the IANAL warning is in full effect.
    First of all, head on over to here: https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/922
    The Cornell Law Library on-line is probably the best place to go for reviewing legislation and regulatory text. Lots of links, and the text is indented to show hierarchy .
    For example, reading Title II, section Section 12001 (page 25 of the bill text) it appears relatively harmless. The first thing it does is include juvenile records as part of a NICS background check. It does not say any sealed records are included, which makes this basically useless. It also includes any mental institution time of anyone over the age of 16. Which, in my opinion is pretty much useless.
    Gotta go back and forth to see how the text of the bill alters the existing law. (Example. The law changes the wait time to transfer a gun if the NICS system does not respond from three days to 10 days. BUT! Only for juveniles who were institutionalized without other reasons to investigate.)
    It is not the law that scares me. It is the regulations that will be written to implement the law. (Basic process, Congress passes a law that tells an agency to do something. The Agency writes the regulations explaining how they will do it.)
    Does anyone really think this administration will not write regulations that are designed to make gun ownership as difficult as possible?

    1. I’m betting that your senators says something like needing to balance responsible gun ownership with public safety.

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