I was going through one of my favorite Twitter feeds chronicling how much schools are torturing students who opt out of masking.

It just goes on and on.

I know how pissed parents are at this.

Now imagine how pissed the kids are.

They have been frozen out, starved, forced to sit outside in the cold,, expelled, and threatened with restraining orders and arrest for choosing not to wear a mask in school when it was optional and forced to wear masks on school while politicians and school administrators went maskless on their presence.

How do you think these kids think about the Leftists that have been abusing them for two years?

Do you think they will forgive and forget what was done to them in their formative years?

I have a feeling there is a massive wave of anti-Leftists coming as these kids enter adulthood and want retribution.

At least I hope there is.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Sewing the seeds of their own destruction”
  1. I really ache for all those kids, but the ones that really make me hurt are the ones who are just about starting school. The five and six year olds have had this mask nonsense for half of their entire lives – probably close to their entire memory of life. I’m sure a lot of how they were affected depends on where they are and other variables, but I’ll bet a lot of problems are coming. Based on the stories about them not speaking well, not socializing well, and other affects of the stupid masks.

    I just turned 68 and I remember some things from first grade and a couple of years before clearly. This will haunt them their entire lives.

  2. I’ll repeat what I’ve said before: it is more and more obvious to more and more people that the absence of a functioning brain is a job requirement for all school administrators.

  3. Not a new problem, sadly:

    In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made School Boards.
    – Following the Equator; Pudd’nhead Wilson’s New Calendar, Mark Twain/Samuel Clemons

  4. 3. Contacting County Child Protective Services and requesting that they remove your children from campus as they have been abandoned on campus by you.

    That’s a vicious move, but not unexpected. I can think of a few measures I would take to put some real inconvenience and/or hurt on the administrators if they tried it.

    That said, a reminder: CPS workers are required to follow the law and rules/policies that clarify the law. They are not required to enforce the unfounded whims of the school administrators, and most won’t appreciate being put in that role.

    In other news, California (!) has lifted its school mask mandate (probably to save face from Gov. Newsom and several celebrities appearing mask-less in public venues), and Oregon is set to do the same at the end of March. Washington, however, has no plans to lift theirs, which is leading to walk-outs and protests by students and parents.

      1. Based on what I see on TV news, I rank CPS (by whatever acronym it goes) right up there in braindeadness with school administrators, or perhaps more so. It’s conceivable that they protect some people some of the time, but the evidence is not there for anyone to see.
        (In NH, consider the Harmony Montgomery case.)

    1. School personnel are required reporters to CPS, of “actual or suspected abuse or neglect”.

      Wonder what the license implication of *not* so reporting, for the brave talking administrators?

  5. Segregating unmasked children then sending them to the “Kinderlager.” I’ve seen how this movie ends, spoiler alert not well.

  6. And then the public schools wonder why home schooling is growing faster than fast, and private and parochial schools have growing wait-lists . . . “We don’t understand why so many kids are not coming back!”

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