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Democrat invites illegal immigrant fired from Trump golf club to State of the Union address

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman said Wednesday that she extended the invitation to Victorina Morales, a Guatemala-born woman who was fired from the golf property where she worked as a housekeeper for five years.

The woman, who’s an illegal immigrant, has since become an advocate for other illegal immigrants in the country. She recently spoke out in the media about the Trump Organization’s hiring practices.

So this Congresswoman is bringing an illegal immigrant who once worked for Trump to the State of the Union to spite Trump.

Second Story:

Trump Organization responds to claims it hired illegal immigrants

The Times article spotlighted Victorina Morales, an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, who has worked as a housekeeper at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, since 2013.

Morales, who reportedly crossed the American border illegally in 1999, said she’s hurt amid the Trump administration’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

“We are tired of the abuse, the insults, the way he talks about us when he knows that we are here helping him make money,” Morales told The Times. “We sweat it out to attend to his every need and have to put up with his humiliation.”

She said she didn’t have proper documentation, and she used false Social Security and permanent resident cards.

So the woman being invited was hired using fraudulent ID.

What the media often overlooks when reporting this is the there is no use in making up a fake SSN.  What usually happens is a fraudulent ID is created using a real SSN.  This is identity theft.

What often happens is the person using the stolen SSN goes and collects the tax return of the person whose SSN was stolen.  This can also ruin the credit score and finances of ID theft victim.  I know, this happened to me.

Morales told the news outlet she expects to be reprimanded severely with the report coming out.

“I ask myself, is it possible that this señor thinks we have papers? He knows we don’t speak English,” Morales told The Times. “Why wouldn’t he figure it out?”

Morales told The Times she is applying for asylum and is exploring a lawsuit claiming workplace abuse and discrimination.

She after she admits to defrauding her way into a job, she blames her former employer by saying they should have known she was an illegal because she didn’t speak English?

Now that she’s been fired, she’s going to sue out of spite.  This woman seems like a real peach.

And this is who a Democrat is inviting to the State of the Union.  An illegal immigrant who has committed fraud, probably identity theft, and potentially tax return fraud.  But yeah, spite Trump or something.

In Democrat Bizarro Land this stunt might make her (the Congresswoman) a hero, but what are the optics to anybody who isn’t reflexively Orange Man Bad?

Maybe the Congresswoman doesn’t know this, but everyone who attends the SOTU has to go through a background check.  I’m kind of curious if an illegal with a history of fraud will pass a Secret Service screening.

If she doesn’t, I wonder what brouhaha she’ll kick up.  I cant’ wait to see this Congresswoman explain on the news how Trump’s “racist Secret Service” won’t let her guest attend the SOTU, just because she’s an illegal with a fake ID.

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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Shamless SOTU Stunt”
  1. Ya know, shit like this makes me want to hop the first UFO that comes along and go to planet zorg…. w. t. f. is wrong with people??????? Why do we continue to vote idiots like this to be our “leaders”?????? America you better wake t f up or the next 10 years are gonna suk

  2. It the screening is like getting clearance to enter a military installation she will have to show up in person to get her badge. They will tell her to wait over there. Then the police will come get her.

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