Previous, I did a post on how Shannon Watts managed not to teach her child was a toll is, in his 23 years of life on this planet.

Three years later, she demonstrated that she failed to teach him that you can’t bring booze on an airplane or how to follow simple instructions.


This is a woman who wants to rule over you and control your life.

At home, however, she can’t even parent her own child into being a moderately self sufficient adult.


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By J. Kb

12 thoughts on “Shannon Watts is an absolutely terrible mother”
  1. Them? Does ‘it’ have a few demons floating around in the belfry?

    No, it’s not ‘non-binary,’ it’s mentally ill.

    Caught it from his idiot mother..

  2. I doubt the kid got kicked off the plane for respectfully complying with the flight attendant while surrendering the suspect beverage like a decent human being. More likely acting (semi-?) drunk and verbally combative in the process of the exchange, such that the flight attendant had legitimate concerns about how this person would behave on the flight and the comfort & safety of those seated near said person.

  3. When she writes “my kid” that tells you everything you need to know… 26 years old in the “real” world is an adult..
    Airlines don’t fuk around with drunks. I bet he/she/it was an asshat . She is irrelevant and still trying to be noticed…

    1. My oldest is grown, lives on his own, earns his own pay, pays his own bills, cooks his own meals, etc.
      He’s still “my kid”, and always will be.
      What told me all I need to know about Shannon’s kid was the non-binary pronoun and the fact “they” got kicked off a flight. Southwest Airlines has always struck me as being pretty accommodating — within reason — and I don’t think they’d do that just for bringing an open container, or even for (allegedly) lying about what he was told about it (which neither party has any way to prove). Honest mistakes like that happen all the time, and if “they” had simply surrendered the drink, sat down, and shut up, I believe that would have ended it.
      Nah, I suspect “they” was acting belligerently about surrendering it and making enough of a scene that the crew was concerned for the other passengers’ safety — IOW, being a First Class jerk — so the crew removed “them” until “they” could sober up for the next flight. (Which if you think about it, is itself extremely accommodating of them; the airline is not required to refund or reschedule someone being removed for cause).
      But given “their” mom, who insists on controlling others despite being unable to control herself, it’s no surprise her kid inherited that same trait.

  4. I fly SWA regularly. They make a clear announcement about no personal booze before boarding. It’s not a buried line in the fine print. They announce it every single time, in the gate area, as part of the boarding prep instructions. There’s ample time to go to the gate agent, or the local customer service booth, and ask for clarification if needed; or otherwise dispose of the drink.
    Next … Why is Ms Watts calling SWA and demanding an explanation? That’s right up there with calling the kid’s employer and asking for an extended amount of time off while on vacation, or arguing with the boss about the proper spelling of “hamster.” It says the parent has no faith in the child’s ability to function as an adult.

  5. Do not read too much into this.
    It is nothing except playing the victim card in a public forum.
    “My child is such a silly screw up! Just look at the simple “mistake” that got all blown out of proportion…”
    Millions of “so is mine…” flood in.
    As to calling Southwest….
    “I will take ‘Things that Never Happened’ for $400, Alex.”
    Doubt it. Find it impossible to believe. No way, not in a million years. Nope.

    1. >Hello, Southwest Airlines, may I help you?

      Hi, I’m Shannon Watts…


      Shannon Watts.


      No, Watts..


      /wash, rinse, repeat…

    2. Even if “calling Southwest” did happen, what did she expect to achieve, other than to (maybe) leverage her celebrity status for the benefit of a family member, and/or threaten to disparage SWA to her Twitter/X following (a.k.a. blackmail)?
      If that’s the case, she clearly expects special treatment the rest of us wouldn’t get, which makes her just as entitled as her kid is.

  6. “my child is non-binary” is the hot fashion accessory these days, it gives the status of transgender without the labor and if it becomes inconvenient, revert to normal hair color, remove the nose ring, become “cis” and reap benefits.
    When referring to Shannon Watts,always slip in “former Monsanto Chemical PR rep for glyphosphate” for truth in labeling

  7. I will second “I will take ‘Things that Never Happened’ for $400, Alex.”

    He wasn’t rebooked 4 hours later on the lowest ticket class. There are no ticket classes on SWA.

    It’s not like the rules about air travel aren’t posted anywhere and they aren’t droning over the PA every five seconds about them.

    I’ve never seen alcohol served in a to-go cup in any bar I’ve been in at any airport while traveling 50% of the time.

    1. SWA does have classes, sort of. The seats are all the same but you can get business class, which puts you on the aircraft as early as possible (e.g group A, position 1-15) and as I recall a drink coupon.
      Otherwise boarding order is determined by your frequent flyer status and when you check in. If you are rebooked at the airport your boarding position is at the end of the line on the new flight. (Modulo frequent flyer status.)

    2. The closest to a “to-go” cup I have ever seen is some microbrew pubs in airports will sell a growler full. And, when they sell it to you, (I have heard them say this) they will tell you airlines do not let you drink on board.
      So, another BS line in the story.
      Is there anything coming out of this woman’s pie hole that is a fact?

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