According to Shannon Watts, the reason that a crazy man went into a church and killed two people was that Texas expanded concealed carry to include places of worship.

This applies only to concealed carry, with a permit.  Not a guy with a criminal record and a history of mental illness carrying a shotgun under his trench coat.

That difference is not important to an anti-gun zealot like Watts.

I wonder what the Muslims in Christchurch think about that, considering that New Zealand had, by American standards, pretty strict gun laws even before that shooting.

And again, she focuses only on shootings.  Looking up “church bombing” shows that for most of the rest of the world, the most dangerous thing a Christian can do is go to Church in a country with a large Muslim population.  Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Turkey, and Egypt have strong gun laws (on the books, if not in practice), that doesn’t stop the killing.

But this tweet implies the same thing as her last, that expanded concealed carry caused the White Settlement shooting.

It didn’t.  The shooting was cut short by a person with a concealed carry permit who was armed because of this change in Texas’ law.

So Watts has to lie about that too.

Jack Wilson is a hero, but this narrative is bullshit.  Wilson was a Hood County Reserve Deputy Sheriff from 1980-1986.  So for six years, back in the early 1980s, he volunteered for 20 hours per month of helping out in a rural county in central Texas, that had a population of about 20,000 people.

His skills and ability with a pistol in that moment of crisis were entirely due to his time as a civilian firearms instructor, teaching the CHL class that she bemoans in her Tweet.

The “highly trained” person with a gun is as if not more likely to be a CCW holder than a LEO, unless the LEO is a “gun guy” who likes to shoot on his own time.

Furthermore, the reality of the shooting showed just how wrong the Time article was.  Despite seven people with CCW drawing their guns, there was no confused shootout that increased the body count.  The reason that most mass shootings are not stopped by CCW holders is that they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time to do much to stop it.

There was at least one armed citizen at Cielo Vista Mall near the Walmart in El Paso during the shooting. Army Pfc. Glendon Oakley said in interviews that he was carrying a licensed handgun and drew it when he heard the gunshots on Saturday. “That’s what you do,” he told the military publication Task & Purpose. “You pull your gun, you find cover and you figure out what to do next.”  But, he said he didn’t see the shooter and so instead focused on rescuing as many children as he could in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

That’s right.  If I’m at Walmart with my CCW, I’m not going to try and cross the store, hunting for the bad guy.  That’s for the cops with long guns and body armor.

But because these CCW holders did not stop mass shooters, that is reason enough to limit concealed carry.

Again, this is the Leftist’s childish idea that anything that isn’t perfect must be banned.

So she fretts about other states also allowing Church CCW.

Yep, we Alabama rednecks like the idea of being able to protect ourselves,  especially in our Churches – and Synagogues.  Ever since the Sutherland Springs church shooting, gun ranges have been filled with classes for volunteer church guards.  My only complaint is that I haven’t seen any other members of the local Jewish population enrolled.

But her dishonestly doesn’t end there.

We don’t know how this guy got his gun, but that has never mattered to Watts.

That she appealed to Brian Stelter of CNN, probably one of the most dishonest people on the most dishonest media network to be the arbiter of fairness shows you just how biased she is.

Of course, she wants to retreat to the home of the disastrous Parkland Town Hall two-hour hate, that have disgraced Sheriff Scott Israel a platform to defend is ineptitude.

Everything she said was wrong and distorted.  Her cause is not righteous, so she lies.


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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Shannon Watts says concealed carry CAUSES church shootings”
  1. Despite an “extensive criminal history”, I have yet to see anything that would put the shooter in NICS as a prohibited person. Most of his “charges” were reduced. And how do you get out of New Germany (Jersey) with no jail time for having an illegal ickky gun? I rather hope he turns out to have legally bought the Shockwave that he used. That will show the uselessness of the “background check” system.

  2. Quote: including a Stand Your Ground bill in Alabama to encourage church members to use deadly force if “threatened.”

    Note the scare quotes. These are the people that feel “threatened” when they see a gun in a holster. Or worse some bodies gun prints or is briefly exposed. At which point the do the “swat his ass for having a gun” thing.

    Yet a church member that sees a gun out and pointed at them is only responding to a perceived threat that might not be there.

    See, she’s magically imbued with the ability to see the hate and killing rage hidden behind the smile of that CCW or OC but the normal everyday person seeing a gun pointed at them or another is just to stupid to know what’s really happening.

  3. She’s in heavy damage control mode because this shows her yammered out narrative to be false and dangerous.
    So the antis have to go into hardcore coverup mode now.

  4. She is a certified lunatic who has no fukkin idea what she is talking about. This is the assumption that criminals obey ALL laws and if the church had a sign that said no guns this wouldnt have happened. What a maroon

    1. I suspect her only interest in acting like a complete lying idiot is the pay check she receives for doing so. Ignore.

  5. Shannon Watts: “Two are dead due to Texas’ lax gun laws….”

    If it weren’t for those “lax gun laws”, it would have been a lot more than two.

    Also note how half of those were violent criminals who didn’t give two sh!ts about “gun laws”.

    Just so we’re clear: She counts the criminal assailant in the “killed by gun violence” number to boost her credibility and her followers’ outrage.

    She claims two people were murdered due to “lax gun laws”. I say one was murdered and one was killed in legally- and morally-justifiable defense of self and others, due in part to sane gun laws.

    There’s a world of difference between the two, and she knows it.

    That would be evil enough, but then she has to go and conflate justifiable defense with criminal murder, placing the defenders on equal moral standing with the attacker. That’s even worse.

  6. “Unless you’re very well trained, you usually add more to the body count than you subtract.”

    I have never seen any evidence to back up assertions like this.

    1. That’s because no such evidence exists. It’s merely a lie, invented by these people to justify their anti-human politics.

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