Shannon Watts wants to die on the MS-13 hill with some Jew hatred

Shannon Watts morphing into a generic far Left activist is complete.

She decided on Tuesday to go back to the “we can’t say bad things about MS-13” hill.

I would have hoped that as a Jew, Michael Bloomberg would at tell her to knock that shit off.  I guess he hasn’t.

This line of argument doesn’t generate sympathy from me.  It only pisses me off more.

There were no German Jews raping, murdering, and dismembering Germans.  There was no Jewish gang that smuggled drugs and sex slaves into Germany.

The Internal Jew was entirely fake propaganda, not details of real criminal investigations.

But God damnit, she is going to equate the Jews to MS-13 for sympathy.

The comments in her Tweet were even worse.

Oh really?  Show me the gas chambers.  Show me the crematoriums.  Show me the doctors vivisecting children.  Show me children being worked to death or bayoneted by guards.

Oh yeah, that’s not happening.

Where were the Jews en masse flaunting breaking German law?

There was none of that either.

One tiny fact that the media has not said once, ONCE, is that under the law the children can only be detained for up to 20 days.  Then they are transferred to social services.

The Holocaust started in 1933 which means a victim taken as a child could have been held for up to 12 years, assuming they were not murdered during that time.

How in fuck’s name is 20 days the same as 12 years?  It’s not.

It is some sick casual antisemitism and repugnant moral equivocation to try and link these two together.

6 Replies to “Shannon Watts wants to die on the MS-13 hill with some Jew hatred”

  1. She’s making the mistake the NRA has, for the most part, avoided: losing focus on her core concerns in an attempt to garner broader support.

    In the short term it can work; longer term it just dilutes the message you’re trying to get across, and that broad support tends to be shallow and evaporate.

      1. Bloomberg is throwing too much money around for a Congressional seat. He wants a Senate seat. The district she lives in already has a Dem Congressman. The Senator up for reelection in CO in 2020 is a Republican. I think the plan is for her to try and unseat Cory Gardner, who only won for the first time in 2014, so doesn’t have much weight as an incumbent.

        That’s my guess.

  2. When the backlash comes, and it will, I hope it is televised so I can watch the Shanny fall from her self-built clay pedestal as it crumbles.

  3. Watts: Infest. The Nazis called Jews carriers of disease. As the US Holocaust Museum notes, in a film titled “The Eternal Jew,” a notorious sequence “compares Jews to rats that carry contagion, flood the continent, and devour precious resources.”

    I’m … not sure what idea she’s trying to confer here. Is she trying to say that MS-13 should act like her view of Jews, flooding the continent and spreading unchecked? Or is she making the comparison that Trump’s promise to crack down on a highly-organized, extremely-violent criminal cartel is somehow the same as the Nazis’ attempt at the organized genocide of a peaceable population?

    Either way, it sounds like she’s accepting a Nazi propaganda film as historical fact, and modeling her vision for the future of America after the genocidal intentions of a murderous dictatorship.

    From the Right, this would be an impeachable offense, but from the Left, it’s called something else:


  4. It could be arranged……drop her off in the bad part of town heh heh heh……
    Colorado- get the word out about this idiot.

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