She and her baby would been better off without a Good Guy with a Gun, right?

ATLANTA – An armed neighbor is being praised for coming to the rescue when a pregnant pizza delivery driver was attacked and robbed Wednesday night.
The incident happened at Waits Avenue in Southwest Atlanta.
Police were able to catch one of the suspects, but another is still on the run.

Armed neighbor helps stop robbery of pregnant pizza delivery driver, police say

According to Gun Control advocates including those who call themselves Moms, the Mom-To-Be would have been in a higher moral ground if she would have just not been saved by this white and obviously racist armed redneck who probably scared the hell of three poor hungry disadvantaged youths. Maybe she would have lost her baby, but at least she could have held her head high and used as propaganda prop for more gun control.

4 Replies to “She and her baby would been better off without a Good Guy with a Gun, right?”

  1. He told them to drop the gun. They dropped the gun, and all three ran away. Obviously, since he never shot anybody, it wasn’t a defensive gun use.

    And yes, this is sarcasm.

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