An update to the story in m previous post Sheriff Israel to be removed and I’m not happy about it – Updated.

It seems that Sheriff Israel didn’t like the negative press and decided to set the martyrdom narrative himself.

From Fox News:

DeSantis’ office denies suspending Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office on Tuesday denied that the governor officially suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, following reports of the sheriff’s imminent removal.

A spokesperson for DeSantis told Fox News that no one from the governor’s team has had any contact with Israel or his attorneys and have not communicated to him that he’ll soon be suspended.

Separately, in a statement to Fox News, Israel’s attorney Stuart Kaplan said that they “have received no official word from the Governor or his office on any position with respect to the removal or suspension of the Sheriff.”

“The Sheriff has been steadfast to ensure his command staff and all the men and women in the BSO know that his commitment and dedication is unwavering,” the statement continued. “He is focused on protecting and serving the citizens of Broward County.”

Sheriff Israel and the whole Broward Sheriff’s Office really came off looking like shit in the Parkland Commission Report.  To be fair, they really were shit.

SRO Scot Peterson acting like a chicken shit coward and hiding for the entirety of the shooting was bad, but him getting on the radio and sending bad information was worse.

Deputies stopping 1,000 feet from the school and hanging out and others dawdling, taking 10 minutes to put on their body armor, was abysmal.

Captain Jan Jordan being visibly overwhelmed and losing control of the scene was an epic level of incompetence.

All of that in the face of Sheriff Israel going on CNN and saying that he gave Amazing Leadership looks so bad I don’t have words to describe it.

I don’t think he expected the Parkland Commission to happen or that other Sheriffs would break down the blue wall and openly criticize him and his department.

I think he floated the rumor of his own removal to try and start the ball rolling on his victim status and political martyrdom.  The last part of his statement is key, “The Sheriff has been steadfast to ensure his command staff and all the men and women in the BSO know that his commitment and dedication is unwavering.”

The Sheriff is still doing his job and the mean, Republican governor is going to stop him.

Sheriff Israel is a narcissist of Obama proportions.  Not just does he have no shame for his handling of the Parkland shooting, nor does he understand how the failures of his subordinates reflects so poorly on him, but he first public act after the scathing report on his hamfistedness is to try to generate sympathy for himself with the rumor of removal.

He is a complete piece of shit.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Sheriff Israel is trying to martyr himself”
  1. Poor Sheriff Israel. He was all set to be the grim martyr, and receive the adulation of the multitudes….
    Now what is he to do?
    Right now, he is trying to remember plan B.

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