Sheriff Scott “Amazing Leadership” Israel throws his captain and Parkland under the bus

Every time we learn something new about the Parkland shooting, it makes Broward County look worse.

Shortly after the shooting, we were informed that the lead BSO officer on the scene was Captain Jan Jordan.  She issued the order over the radio “need perimeter” which was in direct violation of policy and everything law enforcement knows about dealing with active shooters.

In the ensuing cluster-fuck of cowardice and incompetence that allowed Cruz to escape the scene and go for a beverage, we learned that Captain Jordan’s radio failed which caused her to lose command and control.  The BSO radio system failed before during a shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport.  The radio system was never fixed.

Captain Jordan ordered Coral Springs Fire Rescue paramedics to stand down and not enter the school to attend to the wounded SIX TIMES.

In the days and weeks following the shooting, we learned that Captain Jordan was “handpicked” by Sheriff Scott Israel because they had worked together in the Fort Lauderdale police department.

Jordan was allowed to resign, and presumably keep her pension.

Now that Jordan is no longer a captain with the BSO, Sheriff and pile of shit in a green uniform Scott Israel said this:


He didn’t handpick Jordan.  He just recommended her along with two others to Parkland, which had its own hiring board.

He recommended Jordan because somebody at Parkland wanted a badge in a skirt for some “diversity” points in what everyone though was going to be an easy gig.

See, it’s not his fault that Captain Jordan was a human fuck up who cost lives by being as inept and wrong as a person could be.  Parkland picked the wrong skirt to be their captain.

This is un-fucking-believably bad.

I think that Sheriff Israel thinks this  makes him look better.

It makes him look worse because he’s blaming Parkland and throwing the person he stood up for – until it was inconvenient to stand by her anymore –  under the bus.

And he’s still Sheriff of Broward County.

That county is a sewer.


3 Replies to “Sheriff Scott “Amazing Leadership” Israel throws his captain and Parkland under the bus”

  1. Since those preventable deaths will be blamed on a diversity hire, does this mean Sheriff Israel will be coming out against diversity-based hiring practices and in favor of strict meritocracy?

    Yeah, I know, silly question.

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