I have seen a lot of Conservatives mock this Tweet:

They are thinking about it all wrong.

She’s right.

In socialist countries they have public power.

That power doesn’t provide electricity to most of the people.

Without power, overloaded outlets can’t catch fire.

QED, socialist public electricity prevents house fires.

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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “She’s not wrong”
  1. At the risk of being branded racist, misogynist and homophobic I’ll note that “flames shooting out of the outlet” is the result of too much load on poor quality wiring and has nothing to do with the electric utility and is actually a matter of personal responsibility.

    While I don’t trust politician controlled utilities I am a firm believer rural electrical co-ops because they are more reliable and less expensive than corporate electrical utilities.

    1. “Personal responsibility “ is just about non existent nowadays…. unless you a white Chistian(Jewish)guy with guns… then YOU respnsable for EVERY F’in thing. Ya the gubmint run power company shoulda seen the power draw and amped down the voltage… THIS kinda thinking is caused by morons listening to liberals…

  2. But, in this new more enlightened version of socialism, everyone will benefit, and all poverty will disappear.

    Every other time it was tried, that was not “real” socialism. This time it will be.

    If I could ask Cori Bush one question, it would be to name a single Government agency, office, or service that she would prefer over the private sector counterpart. Not the fictional ones that exist in her head, the existing ones. Who would she rather get her packages delivered by, USPS or UPS? Where would she rather shop for her “organic, non-GMO” produce, the PX/BX/Commissary, or her local Whole Foods? Where would she rather go to get her driver license renewed, the local DMV, or the contracted provider, a three hour wait, or a $4.95 fee?

    Yeah, I thought so. In their minds, the government is much better at everything, but in reality, they would not go to a government run store if there was a private sector one available.

  3. Yes, I remember very well sitting at night at the table in the kitchen with my grand mother who was mending clothes while I was doing my homework under candlelight during a totally normal typical black out of the wonderful government power grid…

    And the best part: we did not need to think about pipes freezing because we did not have indoor plumbing in our government house!

    1. This right here. Running space heaters is exponentially more expensive than gas. Was her electricity being subsidized but not gas? Another fail in the socialist experiment.

  4. Yes, gas is much more efficient and cost effective than electricity for high energy needs like heating and cooking, but you can’t run the TV, access the internet or charge your cell phone with gas, so it’s much more important to keep the electricity on.

    You’ve gotta have priorities.

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