ORLANDO, Fla. —Students at the University of Central Florida say they’re becoming more concerned for their safety after a recent shooting and a home invasion months ago.

On Thursday, there was a double shooting at the Marquee Apartments just off Alafaya Trail.

Deputies said two men, aged 21 and 22, were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center as trauma alerts. One man was shot in the stomach, and the other was shot in the back while sitting outside of their apartment, investigators said….

Although the men shot were not UCF students, their neighbors are, and they were caught off guard by the gunfire.

“We were just drinking a beer, hanging out on the balcony, just a normal night, then all of a sudden ‘pop, pop, pop,’ probably five, six, seven shots go off,” neighbor and UCF student Eric Prichard said.

Records show there was a home invasion at the apartment complex in December and two cases of armed robbery in November and October 2014.

“I’m like, really another one?” UCF student Rayna Nauditt said.

Within a half mile radius over the last two weeks, law enforcement has investigated an attempted sexual assault near campus and a man exposing himself on campus.

The seeming uptick in crime is unsettling for students who are getting more and more of the university’s safety alerts.

“Honestly, there’s probably one every 10 to 15 days,” UCF student Brandon Conte said

via UCF students concerned for safety after shooting, home invasion near campus | Local News – WESH Home.

But according to FSU President John Trasher, the shooting itself only demonstrates that UCF is a safe campus, right? Them silly students should not have to worry at all.

Campus Carry, now that is the real danger right there.

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