How to access the shop

On a large screen, the “shop” button is located in the header next to the “about” button on the lower left of the header banner. You have direct access to the cart, checkout, and your account from a dropdown on the right.

If you are on a mobile device, there is a “hamburger” button in the center between the home and search buttons. Press that and a menu will open.

The “shop” button can then be pressed to take you directly to the shop. This is a change from this morning.

Further down is the “cart” button with a plus sign. If you press that, it will show you a submenu. Press any of the options to go to that page, including the “cart” button. Yes, it looks like a title, it is a live button.

Thanks to David, I was informed that the shop wasn’t allowing checkouts. It does now. I had put the wrong credentials into the system.

There are both physical and virtual products available in the shop. There is a “Cup of Coffee”, “1 Month Server Hosting”, and “1 Month Web Services”. These are donations. In the near future, I hope to put a block under the banner saying something like “This month’s hosting by NAME, this month’s services by NAME”

The patches and Velcro are real. That will take us a little time to get all worked out. We have two “warehouses” so we have to coordinate shipping, so you get what you ordered.

Thank you for your support, it means a great deal to us.

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By awa

7 thoughts on “Shop Status Update – UPDATED”
  1. A few things that the checkout edit boxes don’t like. All caps won’t work. And “rd” for road won’t work it must be Rd. Also, it only accepts five-digit zip codes not nine. Just completed my order and worked perfect. I think I’ll start using the patches in my advanced classes. I’ve taught beltline and below five-shot bursts for years, followed by strongside shoulder, neck and head shots if the threat has been neutralized enough to provide a very high percentage shot to those areas.
    Perhaps a patch with a focus on the head to pelvic area, with marks in those areas, five to the pelvic and three to the shoulder/neck;/head area. Guess it would have to be a larger patch to really work. Like a front pocket or shoulder patch.
    And another idea that I’ve used is a ‘sponsor a month’ option. Works good for annually minded budgets.

    1. Can you expand on “sponsor a month”? Do you mean letting somebody by a subscription to sponsor a particular month that is recurring charges?

      1. Yes, a person selects a month and opts to pay for a particular month which auto renews thirty days prior to that month the next year. Twelve people takes care of the year. I know I’d participate and most likely there are eleven more interested members. Locking in investors is always a good thing.

    1. I did a brief look, but didn’t see anything that actually looked acceptable for an instant installation. I will see what I can do with a bit more time.
      If you are looking for anonymous payments, you can use a prepaid card. I know that is more work. I will see what I can do.

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