J. Kb. beat me to the video and if anything, I go back to being disgusted but not being surprised at the action of predators and low life people.

But there is a question nagging me: How come the pusher, Cadesha Michelle Bishop was not arrested the day of the attack? (IANAL) Setting the death aside, the push was  what? Aggravated assault? In Florida it would get an automatic felony arrest just for the pushing and enhancement of penalty for the death. I checked Nevada’s code and it does not seem to have the same Draconian laws, but I may have found them.

Now the question is: Why was not the woman arrested and charged with the initial crime? Even if it was a misdemeanor, she should have ended in cuffs and the obligatory mugshot when the crime happened back in March. In my opinion, the answer was simply racial politics and you can see it in the video: people who had been bearing the verbal abuse of a black woman saw what happened and still refused even to yell ate her for the push. They remained cowardly silent lest be accused of racism is what I believe.

A white woman pushes anybody of any color in that manner and you would have at least one or two people screaming at the attacker, getting on the phones and making sure the local constable gets to give a ride downtown to the violator. But in the current successful climate of racial shield against law and order, some blacks believe that they can ignore the law because the use of the race card will be enough to protect them and this case proves it: It took the death to be classified as a murder and supported with video so law enforcement could procure an arrest.

We cannot allow this to continue. There cannot try to maintain an unbalance like this or we risk everybody deciding to also avail themselves to ignoring the law and become predators themselves to have an even killing field.

And suddenly, both the race card and the victim card are no longer accepted in the new society and your privilege is now a nice refrigerated compartment in the local morgue.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “Shoved out of the bus. Racial politics involved?”
  1. The goal of “political correctness” is to:
    1. Get everyone to start using certain words, and avoiding others, then
    2. Get everyone speaking a particular way, then
    3. Get everyone thinking a particular way, and finally
    4. Get everyone afraid to express any opinion at all without first checking to see if it is OK.

    The San Bernadino shooting could have been prevented because neighbors saw the shooters acting suspiciously, but did not say anything because they were afraid of being labeled islamaphobes.

    This situation is no different. A person with dark skin color can get away with whatever they want to get away with because everyone is so terrified of being called a racist that they keep their mouth shut.

    I was recently reminded. There is a hierarchy of victimhood. The further up that hierarchy you are, the more latitude you are given for your actions. A white male gets zero latitude, a female a few points, a trans/gay more points, Jews get a few points, but muslims apparently get more. (See Congress) Blacks get more than whites, and the more tags you can assign yourself, the more bad behavior the world is expected to ignore.

  2. The hierarchy CBMTTek refers to is called intersectionality. Something about the more lines of oppression there are that intersect your life the more victim cred you get and the better off you are.

    None dare speak its name, but there is such a thing as black female privilege. This is a shining example.

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