By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “Sic Semper Hoarders”
  1. I remember this crap on 9-11. I was at work, 55 miles from home and had less than a quarter tank of gas. After watching all the crap on the TV at work, a few hours later we closed and sent everyone home. I had to wait inline for an hour to get gas, and then the credit card machine lines were so overwhelmed that it wouldn’t take my card. Thankfully I knew the station workers from being in there 3 or 4 times a week and they let me go. FFS people, gas will be there or it won’t. Stay home if you are worried.

  2. Eh, trash cans are rather stupid, especially if those are the ‘final’ destination for storage. I will say I know a guy who went and filled a couple 30 gal totes, but it was so he could top off the 100 gallon tank he uses to fill the mowers and such for his lawn care business, and he only did it because he was, and I quote, ‘too damn lazy to fix the flat on the trailer when I have plenty of time and now it’s too late’.

    Still stupid, but he owned it, and he’ll use it all up over the next week.

  3. He is about to get a lesson in vapor pressure, flash point, and the density of gasoline vapor.

    Hopefully it doesn’t burn down half the block.

    1. Add “slosh” to the lesson. No way he’s gonna get far without a significant amount sloshing out of those unrestrained and un-lidded trash cans.

  4. Reminds me of MX huachicoleros running around for hundreds of yards, completely on engulfed in flames.

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