A six on one violent attack in a city where law abiding citizens are disarmed.

Six on one.

In NYC you are allowed only a pocket size pepper spray, at most.  Not a method of self defense that is effective against six attackers intent in committing a hate crime.

This is one of those rare moments where I honestly recognize that my usual 38 snubby is insufficient for the situation.

And of course, the media doesn’t cover this story at all.

Jews, get out of Blue areas, learn how to shoot, and buy a gun.

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By J. Kb

4 thoughts on “Six on one antisemitic attack in a gun free zone”
    1. From frequent videos on the net, at the first shot, all but the leader immediately run back to their jungle, leaving the first one bleeding out on the floor. I, of course, believe in shooting the first one, then emptying the mag into the rest still within range. Reload and repeat.

  1. With a gun in this scenario, its 50-50 you come out on top. If you see it coming and are prepared, odds are in your favor. If you get blindsided and try to draw in the middle of that mess, you are at a disadvantage. Maybe you get a shot or 2 off and they scatter. Or maybe you lose the gun and don’t walk away from it. Situational awareness is paramount. Cross the street, duck into a shop or restaurant.

  2. I think that since hate crime laws have a disparate impact on blacks, the police should be instructed to ignore them. Just like jumping turnstiles and pulling people over for expired registration or citing them for driving without insurance.

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